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Hiatus Hernia

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Scarlett | 22:08 Thu 17th Jul 2008 | Body & Soul
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Discovered yesterday that this is what I have- could it be the cause of my voice troubles (constantly low/gravelly and sore throat).
Has anyone had this?What did you take for it? Has anyone heard of anyone having the surgery for it?


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If I remember right aren't to on protein pump inhibitors already like lanzoprazole which should help decrease the acid and on which you can't take any other indigestion recipes.

If it's a continuing problem, which it sounds like it may be and reflux is more chronic and the acid is still coming up and damaging your osophegus then if changing PPI to a more effective one doesn't help or there's a danger of it becoming constricted or strangulated (so that the blood supply is cut off), then surgery may be a viable option.

Sleeping propped up could help the acid stay down and watching your diet.

Does you u/c cause you to strain a lot as this may cause extra pressure.

Try and avoid things like citrus fruits , chocolate, caffeine, alcohol, fatty/fried/spicy foods, garlic, onions, mint flavorings, tomato-based foods, like spaghetti sauce, chili, and pizza, bananas.
found these tips too...

hiatus hernia

ideas to reduce acid reflux

1. wear loose clothing

2. raise the head of your bed

3. avoid �acid� foods and drink

4. don�t lift heavy objects

5. drink aloe vera gel

6. don�t have any kind of drink with meals

7. reduce or stop alcohol

8. eat fruit on its own and not in the evening

9. drink more water between meals

10. reduce stress, anxiety or worry

11. eat more fibre

12. eat slowly and chew food thoroughly

13. rest for at least 15 minutes after eating

14. posture � don�t slump in a chair (squeezes stomach)

15. if constipated deal with it

16. deep slow heavy breathing

17. exercise

18. stop or reduce coffee

19. don�t drink cow�s milk

20. stop smoking

21. take a good calcium tablet with meals as necessary
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and don't eat later than 7pm so that you go to bed on a relatively empty stomach.
haven't had it - at least I don't think so, though I do get the reflux a bit and take Lansoprazole - but there's lots of info about it here: spx?ArticleID=486#
I have a haiatus hernia.

I have seen various specialists - surgery was offered, but it means taking a part of the stomach and 'looping' it over the damaged part of the trachea, which means that you would be unable to burp to release any trapped wind, so i have decided to stick with the pantoprazole, which control it nicely.

Good advice about not eating and drinking too late, and having the bed head higher than the bed foot.

I'm not sure about the voice problems though - have a chat with your GP about that aspect.
Hiatus heria is very common among women who have had children. It happens when part of the stomach gets caught where the esophagus passes through the diaphragm. The distortion of the plumbing stops the sphincter closing properly causing reflux.

My wife had it after straining to lift something. Doctors said they could operate but it probably wouldn't help much because it could happen again.

By chance she mentioned it to one of parents at a school where she worked. He had been traind in Chinese medicine and to her surprise said he would have a go at fixing it right there and then. What he did was quite remarkable.

Basically he felt her insides right through her body wall, pulled the stomach back and put everything where it belonged. Yes it hurt like hell but that was the end of the problem which has not recurred some ten years on.
Hello, if you are looking things up, its proton pump inhibitors (not being pedantic but it makes it easier if you are doing a search)

Mr bednobs is 41. He had the laproscopic fundoplication operation about 2-3 years ago for the same sort of problems you are describing. They took a loop of the top of his stomach and stiched it around the top of his oesophagus (not trachea) to make the valve that is there tighter so that acid reflux can't come up and his sliding hiatus hernia cant slide anymore!

Anyway, he abosulutey feels so much better, even from the time he woke up from the anaesthetic and never regrets it for an instant. He used to wake up nearly every night with burning acid, go through hundreds of rennie a month and about once a week vomit at night because he felt so horrible. He had to sleep in a chair a few nights a week.
There is a history of oesophageal cancer in his family and in america some people have this operation as a preventative measure, because the acid can over time erode the oesophagus and start cancerous changes in the cells if it is bad enough
Alo on the plus side, because the stomach is fractionally smaller now, he lost weight (about a stone) and has kept if off
btw andy, mr bednobs CAN still burp i assure you!
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Wow- thanks so much for your very interesting replies. I am sure that my low and gravelly voice is because of HH. I woke up at 2am last night with burning sick in my throat and had to take omeprazole. I hate taking it cos although it helps a bit, it gives me dreadful headaches, tension in my head and throat and dizziness. I tried another type before that but because I have Ulcerative Colitis, it made me really ill. The omeprazole actually HELPS my colitis, which is weird.
The chinese medicine story is awesome- although I think I would be too scared to go and ask for that! Though it is tempting....
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Beso- I don't suppose you are still in contact with the man?!
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Bednobs- can Mr. Bednobs still be sick? I heard that was a down side to the operation, not being able to be sick or burp. Do you remember how long he was in hospital for, and did he have to change his diet afterwards (eg- liquidise food etc)? Also, can he now drink wine? I don't drink much, but I really miss being able to drink wine :(
yes, he can still be sick although he informs me "it takes a while" whatever that means!

he eats and drinks normally now but had to have soft food for a few days and was very careful for a few weeks/months after. he can drink wine, coke beer etc now, but had to build up to that. For some bizzare reason it also helped his snoring (althought that may be bacause he lost weight i guess)he drinks more now, because he can, and dosent get the horrible symptoms anymore - i think that the couple of times he's been sick since is because he drunk so much because he now can!
Question Author
Thanks bednobs that has really helped!
Did he have keyhole or normal surgery? How long was in hospital for?
i questioned him on the "it takes a while" now ive finished my tea. He meant it took a few months after th op as it wasnt quite so tight.

he went in hospital on a thursday, and was due to come out on the friday evening. However he had a high temp which meant his discharge was delayed till the monday

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Hiatus Hernia

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