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Eve | 23:23 Sat 03rd Jan 2009 | Body & Soul
7 Answers
What kind of skin do you have and do family members have similar skin to you?

I noticed just before Christmas how different mine and my brother's skin is.

I've very pale and look younger than I am whereas my younger brother has a very ruddy complexion, quite red and I've noticed he has quite a few deep set wrinkles on his forehead despite him being nearly 3 years younger at 28.

Just got me wondering especially after those beautiful little girls and their new twin sister born with such different colour skin.


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I'm a bit olive skinned (so I don't burn, and I keep a tan) ... and neither of my parents are like this (!!)

I don't have any (surviving) siblings.
The quality of skin also has alot to do with lifestyle and how you care for it.

If someone drinks alot and smokes, the skin will look more aged and sallow, just as if someone is exposed to lots of sun, it will age alot quicker than someone who keeps out of it.

Men's skin is different to women's as it tends to be thicker and doesn't age as badly.
Well, that's me bug*ered, then (except I don't smoke).
Lol @ jayne.
I've always been very pale - inherited from my mother's side of the family. I hate sunbathing though, and stay out of the heat as much as possible, so for a grand old lady of 30, I don't have any particular worries about my skin - but neither do I look after it as perhaps I should. Just wash in luke-warm water and soap, and pat myself dry. Never rub with the towel. Neither do i drink very much, or smoke, so perhaps that helps.
I have dark skin, so have very few lines, but tend to have a very oily nose. I spend a fortune on skincare products and treatments, but as I approach 40, I feel I'm looking a bit facially baggy.
I am desperately pale and have ginger hair.
My older sister and younger brother have olive complexions and dark hair. My mother and daughter are the same as me.
My father was similar to my siblings.
I was convinced I was adopted at one stage! lol. x
one of my brothers has really dark hair, but he is olive skinned whilst I am fair.

The other brother has much lighter hair and is fair skinned

as I am in the middle I must be the missing link I've got the dark hair and the fair skin.

more interestingly is the different personalities....same upbringing yet my younger brother and I are so similar wheras the eldest is soooo different to us in personality and thinking.

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