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weird lately

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sarah4444 | 01:08 Sun 04th Jan 2009 | Body & Soul
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ok this may be sounding weird, recently the past few months iv felt sick when i ate. the past week it hasnt been to bad but it has caused a few upsetting moments at the dinner table with my parents thinking i have an eating problem which is not it at all. i dont know why i have been feeling sick well more like queasy i have also felt this a few mornings but theres no chance im possible.
i dont really want to go to the doctors as im not exactly ill but i thought i may as well post this to see if anyone would know why i have been feeling like this

i go faint quite alot expecially when im nervous or feel overwhelmed which my mom thinks may be small panic attacks and this has been happening alot more recently. i have also been upset quite alot too for no reason particular i have just felt upset at the times this has been for the past few months also though as im 16 my parents just think its because im a teenager.
so its not exactly being ill its just kind off annoying me and i think the people around me so i wondered if anyone would know why iv felt like this, i had a stage similar to this back in the start of summer aswell but othertimes i feel ok. sorry for the ramble i havnt told anyone about this really so thats why. i was thinking maybe its because im tired?
if anyone could help that would be good thank you


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I don't think you're ill, I think your mum is right.. you're getting into a panic and this leads to you feeling sick. the longer it goes on, the more you're going to worry, and that's what will make it carry on.

do you really have any food/eating issues? if you do you need to see a doctor. otherwise you're going to have to make a concerted effort to put these feelings aside.

try to distract yourself, and fill your time so that your panicky feelings don't take over.

all the best :o)
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the panicy things have been happening the past 3 ish years from what i can remember they really irritate me. i dnt think i have any food issues although i am quite thin and since i was little people at school of family members have made little remarks about me being anorexic but i dnt want to lose weight so i dont think thats the problem. sometimes i feel fine but othertimes i just feel stupidly upset and its embarrasing if it happens infront of people and annoying for my parents because iv had to have time of college recently because if been too upset or tired to go in and would rather stay on the sofa. the last time i was like this ( as i said in my first post) i went to the drs after abit because i had really painful feelings in my tummy and was missing too much school and he just said i was abit stressed. thankyou for your help and again sorry for the ramble.

that's okay, you can ramble away!

but I really think that you should see a doctor if it's affecting other areas of your life..
I agree with Sarah you need to see a GP who will help you. Your anxiety may be food related, you note people think you have n eating disorder the thing is most people with anorexia/bullimia rarely admit to having a problem with food/eating. It is important to seek help for yourself as if you continue to eat less and loose weight you run th erisk of a lot of other possible health issues. Take cqre
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im not sure whether the feeling sick is related to feeling upset, i have always been quite skinny (not meaning to sound up myself) and my appetite is still there but then when eating its like i just think o no im going to be sick i cant eat anymore ( im also really scared of being sick so avoid it at any costs) im not too sure about seeing a GP as its not like a cough or something like that and i dont no how id go about getting my mom to take me as i think she may just think its hormones or me being a moody teenager

again really thank you for your help, it was a pretty stupid thing to post about but my family keep telling me to look after myself and nag at me so im getting annoyed with it now and also sorry about all the bad grammer!

can you go to the GP yourself the best way of looking after yourself is talking over with your GP what is going on for you at the moment. They are there to help.
it is psychological, and it's mind over matter. you need to stop worrying about what others may think, and look into what a healthy diet consists of.

I'm also naturally slim (and a great deal older than you!) and also have a huge fear of throwing up.. but a healthy diet doesn't make you throw up.
Try eating small amounts often, ie: nuts & raisons till you can face a full plate of food.

You will tire easily if you dont eat and flatulance is another problem of an empty stomach.
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everyones answers have been really helpful, i really dont think i have an issue with food well i dont want to lose weight or anything like that im eating some buttons right now ( when i cant sleep i seem to snack) i think i may just be feeling miserable and sick, well generally lousy because of being tired as i have to get up really early for college as thats when iv started to not feel myself again in the summer holidays i wasnt too bad, thankyou for everything best wishes too you all :)
I think there are separate issues here.

I think it might be wise to schedule a double appointment with your GP, if they allow that, to be able to chat things through.

I think, especially with your anxiety and being so slim, they may see a link with food. I had a GP tell me I had an eating disorder and tried to refer me to a specialist a long time before I realised it.

Try not to stereotype, it's what it says, a problem relation to food and not necessarity the sterotypical versions think of like anorexia and bulimia.

It may be your anxiety is interfering with your relationship with food, often feelings can manifest in strange ways where you might not even see a link and if your system is stressed from anxiety it may not be functioning at it's best when it comes to eating and digesting.

I think your anxiety needs addressing which is one issue you can raise with your GP. They can help with medical support if needed - don't be scared of medication - think of it like a drug to treat a chemical imbalance, it's science, like you'd take a paracetamol for a headache.

Waiting lists can be long on the NHS and, as it sounds like you have really supportive parents, would they consider paying for you to see someone privately? GP's often know of people who are really good.

My GP suggested a private cognitive therapist to me and, although dubious about it in general and the cost, she is absolutely fantastic and has made a huge difference to me.

It's not scary, just gives you a chance to talk and it's really all about you and finding balance and coping strategies and such.

Another issue maybe worth exploring is if there is any medical cause for the sickness and pain and the fainting.

It sounds like a general check up would be wise, full blood count (to rule out anaemia etc...), blood pressure (it may be a bit low) etc... other thinks which they would probably find useful to know would be what and how much you manage to eat, your menstrual cycle (eg if anything is cycle related like increased PMT which could be helped or you bleed a lot which could cause anaemia etc...)

It may be your GP wants to see if they can work on your anxiety first to see if that helps calm it down (even medical tummy issues like IBS can be made worse by stress and anxiety).

Keeping a diary of how you feel on a day to day basis and what you eat when may prove useful as you may be able to pinpoint whether it's particular things which make you feel sick (eg an intolerance) or your body finds hard to digest.

It would help your GP too.

Let us know how you get on x
Question Author
wow thank you jenna for taking the time to write all of that. i previosuly mentioned about going to the doctors back in may/june time because of feeling like this more mainly about my abdominal pains he sent me for a blood test which came back saying i was fine and said the pains were spasms due to stress because i had told him i had "alot going on" he also said the tablets can be used for ibs , they helped the pain but not really me being upset randomly.
i agree to that i am quite an anxious person which i find really frustrating.
my parents too are quite supportive ans i can talk to them about evrything but i never really want to talk to them about how im feeling its not like i dnt think they will care i dnt no what it is really if i ever try i just end up gettin more upset and they dont really understand there was only 1 time i really spoke about it with my mom which was when the receptionist at my school told her she was worried about me thats when she took me to the drs which didnt resolve much. also having to tell me mom then my dad a few days later as they dont live togehter anymore about how im feeling seems like abit of a chore and makes me sound sorry for myself and a sob story which is what this is turning into now, again appologies

Oh hon, it seems like you're almost in a bit of a vicious circle and even stressing about stressing.

Talking to people close to you can be hard and there are always different agendas involved.

I remember feeling horrible when I was younger, hormones and feelings all over, coming to terms with becoming a woman mentally and physically. I had an awful hormonal stage and just used to cry for no reason and, as you say, you can't really say what's wrong as you don't know, it just is :)

Bachs Rescue Remedy may be an idea, you can get it from Boots and you just pop a few drops on your tongue when you feel anxious.

Kalms tablets may also help but I'd chat to your GP before you try anything like that as it may be an idea to rule out hormonal causes and such.

There are loads of books about which relate to things like anxiety and how to cope with it and things you can do to help. Just have a wander round a local bookstore sometime or have a look on Amazon or similar as they often have online reviews.

I found meditation and Qi Gong helped, they did a class at my local gym as it was great for learning to ground yourself and focus on your breathing and such.

Stress and anxiety is so so common, far more common than you probably think, you are so not alone hon x
Lack of appetite is a classic symptom of the real problem may not be food-related at all. Your real issues seem to be with TALKING about what is bothering you-whether with your parents or the doctor,or school. I suspect that you may have a lot of pent-up feelings,and that once you let yourself let go of them you will start to feel more relaxed in yourself.
Question Author
thankyou all what your saying does make alot of sense to how im feeling i know i should talk to people the past few years with things that have happened i'v been told that constantly but the people that are there to talk to are involved which i find really hard.
i know i need to just calm down and stop making a big deal about myself i can tell its starting to annoy people now because some of my recent behaviour is just stupid

oh and i have a big supply of bach rescue remedy my mom even put some in my stocking this year :)
really thankyou
Rationalising your feelings can help as well.

I use it for things like PMT.

When I feel down and horrible I try and stop for a minute and see if there is actually any half decent reason for it and often it clicks that it's, say, that time of the month.

Once I've realised that it does seem to help as I can think that there is nothing really wrong, I just feel crap as my body is going a bit crazy with hormones and I try and change my outlook to something more positive as to something I can do to help me feel better.
One thing I've noticed is you seem to see yourself as a nuisance and you have to change because of other people.

The best thing you could possible do is realise you matter, you shouldn't change for other people so you don't annoy them etc... you should change for you because you deserve to be happy and not be anxious and stressed.

I think a therapist would be ideal for you, a space where you can talk about whatever you need to with no other influences.

Someone who can make you realise that feeling good is more important for you than for anyone else.
Question Author
thanks jenna, when iv been of "ill" from college recently iv tried saying to myself that lying in bed isnt going to cheer me up it will probably just make me feel worse but sometimes with all the questions its raised with new college friends its easier to stay in bed on my own then face people and deal with the questions of whats up when i dont have an answer to give them. you have been very kind and helpful with my post thankyou, it is only the 2nd i have ever done its made me seem quite self centered reading it back but really thankyou i will take on all your advice :)

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