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Does anyone understand scottish or is anyone here from scotland?

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Bootfall22 | 19:32 Fri 30th Nov 2012 | Relationships & Dating
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Hi, i've recently been online trying to make friends as i've moved away from home and am lonely. I've recently struck up a conversation with a scottish guy and we've been talking a lot and seem to share the same interests so i'm going to meet him tonight.

The problem is in an email he said he's going to give me a "moothie" as i didn't want to embarrass myself by appearing stupid i said "i look forward to it" but the problem is i don't know what it is or what it means and am worried that it could possibly be sexual. I once got myself into a situation with an aggressive man i met online who thought my friendship meant that when i came to his house meant i was going to give/receive sexual favours, but i'm not gay and this led to me being knocked around, strangled and locked in his room until the police eventually came after a neighbor heard the window breaking as i tried to escape.

This scottish guy seems like a great guy but i'm worried in case it's a similar situation.

He hasn't mentioned any talk about girlfriends or going out to meet women and i don't want to offend him by asking him is he gay and expecting a sexual relationship from me.

Does anyone know what a "moothie" is and what should i do?


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People online may not be what they they seem.
Don't go to people's houses if you don't know them.

Tell him :
"Ah've goat a lumber wi' a pure wee stoatir.
Sae ah'll huv tae gie ye a dingie, ya f*nny."

I have a hot date with a rather foxy lady.
Let's reschedule, mate.)
Don't you just love it when they talk dirty!
It does have a ring to it - sorry I'll get ma coat.
My dad is Scottish. When I showed him this he told me what it meant. We were both horrified and needless to say, very embarrassed.

I've now decided to go out, as I can't look him in the eye any longer.
Plowter, that reminds me so much of Hamish Imlach!
Well i'm Scottish and i've never heard of it being called a moothie!

You learn something new everyday eh!
Erin, you move in polite society :-)
He's having a long shower or do you think he just wanted to talk dirty?
boxtops, ran it through the the Stanley Baxter translatosaurus.
A moothie has always been a mouth organ to me.

I think I understand what others are saying it also means... I'll never look at a mouth organ the same way,
The two schools of thought are both correct. Moothie is Scots (and Geordie) slang for mouth organ but, by extension, analogous to "she plays a good tune on the pink oboe"...
he's probably giving his moothie a good wash
mccfluff - that would be tricky while being suspended!
Aha! Who did that then?
I looked in to see how he'd gone on last night but it looks as if we won't find out. I'm not surprised really
Maybe after playing the moothie they would move on to the fiddle lol x

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Do you know the answer?

Does anyone understand scottish or is anyone here from scotland?

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