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I Got Dumped Over A Whatsapp Argument

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locitane | 21:26 Mon 12th Oct 2015 | Relationships & Dating
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I was seeing a guy for two months. He was 43 and I am 31. He has never been married, I was in 7 years long relationship.
His mum was hysterical and told him to never marry because marriage is hell. He withdraw from every relationship, unless the woman doesn't want any relationship. Well I do want a serious relationship, and once, marriage and kids. I was cheated and went trough depression for two years. I suffer from anxiety of being hurt like this again.

We both told each other about our issues and hoped for the best. We are good people, so we believed we will be ok.

After month or so we had an argument over a Whatsapp. I blamed him he wants to see me only over the weekend and not heading to take me seriously. A few days later he turned off his phone on Friday ( we were meeting each friday ).

We talked, and we promised each other that I wont react with anger next time and talk to him face to face and he won't turn off his phone.'s getting funnier.

We had an argument last weekend which we managed really nice, we had very nice peaceful communication. After I left his house he briefly answered my messages but never messaged me asking me how I am.

I was sick, but on Friday, he decided to stay at his friend's house and see me on Saturday. I called him and we had a nice chat out our week. Next day texted him back saying that this is not a nice feeling that lately he puts me last, and treat me worse then when I was a stranger for him. He said something in the sense that he does it in purpose so I do not think we are in full time relationship and the amount we communicate is like early stages of friendship. I was shocked.

This was a man that called himself a " boyfriend" and called our relationship, relationship. This was a man who was talking about where we will leave together if this all works out. This was a man who talked about his fears, and shared deep thoughts with me. This was someone I opened up.

I was so hurt. I knew he is with his friend, so i send him 3 long texts, rational , where I was asking about additional solutions, thanked him for a confusion he caused me and I was a bit upset. I still wasn't mad or anything like that, just really hurt. I told him that I do understand we have been together for a while, but I didnt expect we will know each other quickly. I also told him how disapointed I am that he pushes me away and running hot and cold all the time.

He texted me next day, saying that this " storms " his mum was giving to him, and giving himself into our relationship, he is exposing himself to an environment he was trying to avoid for so long so he feels he cannot do this to himself. And " its not just me, but him , his withdrawal and reservedness" I got dumped. The whole text was super long and looked like it really hurt him deeply.

I am very much in pain, because just a week ago we spent together amazing weekend. Actually I do not remember when we spent a bad time together which shows me, we can communicate the issues. Well, obviously not via Whatsapp, but I am shocked that I got dumped because I put up " THE STORM " via whatsapp.

I know this whole story must sound rediculous. I can't believe this happened to me. I feel like maternity school. I dont know how to deal with men I guess. Shall I just be happy or submimissive, expressing gentle dissapointment, if they give me high standards and then lower them ?


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It's free messaging from mobile phones.
43 and the only female relationship he has had is with his mother who is hysterical and tells him 'marriage is hell' .
Do you really need telling what to do??
Isnt that sms ummm
I thought sms was normal text messages charged at whatever pence? Whatsapp means if you're PAYG and have no credit you can still text. You have to download the app for it so I assume it's just for smart phones.
I dunno, but am on payg iphone with free sms via wifi. Free skype & messaging fb & here.
Question Author
hahahaha....I had so much fun at the last bit. It made me feel very decisive.

Thanks all. Love you and wish you all the best.
Lol locitane, we luv u ;)
This reads a bit like a Barbara Cartland novel but without the happy ending. Get a life girl, plenty more fish in the sea - sounds like a mummy's boy!
you knew him for 2 months, and only saw each other at weekends - so, what, 8 -9 times?
a little bit soon to be falling in love i reckon!

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I Got Dumped Over A Whatsapp Argument

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