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Should L Give Feedback?

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smurfchops | 16:12 Mon 20th Mar 2023 | Business & Finance
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I have had three companies this week asking for my feedback. British Gas, LV Insurance, and a restaurant …. Just wondering if it is a bit Big Brother, or should I give my honest feedback?? (Especially the restaurant…).


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The mantra I live by is never say anything even slightly personal and/or relatable on line that you don't absolutely have to.
I'm fed up of continually being asked for Feedback. Almost everything you do nowadays is followed up by a request for Feedback. If I responded to every single request I think I would spend half a day just giving feedback.

I wouldn't mind so much if it was actually worth it, but my suspicion is that in reality companies are only looking for the good reviews/5 stars so they can up their ratings. No one has every bothered to come back to me about negative feedback that I have given.
You know, this feedback stuff is punted as being used to improve the customer experience.

Well in the case of British Gas it's been a complete waste of everybody's time.

I'd just do the eaterie.
I don’t unless something was excellent or very bad. I get really fed up with them
Just ask yourself:
1. Do I ever look for reviews/feedback on line?
2. Do I believe the ones I see?
The only one I'd probably respond to would be feedback on an eating place - usually people post truthfully on meals they have had, service, ambience, etc.
If I can be bothered I tend to give feedback when I’ve had a good experience especially with an independent business. They deserve the praise.
I never give reviews/feedback as quite often they ask for your email address.
Also, I would never give feedback on an eatery.
How many times has someone told you you must go to ??? because the food is amazing.
So you go, and it's awful.
I can’t say I have ever read feedback on an insurance company or gas etc but I do read them when I book Hotel or holiday rental, also when buying appliances.

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Should L Give Feedback?

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