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Sending £2500To Someone In America

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bednobs | 21:23 Tue 26th Sep 2023 | Business & Finance
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what's the best way to do this - paypal? wiring?



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I did this once to Canada - bank arranged to send to person's account over there.

You could do it via your bank or set up a Revolut account and do it yourself

I hope you aren't being scammed 

Question Author

are you saying curencies direct is a scam?

Question Author

lookig at it WU might be better than currencies direct as the person the other end doesnt want to set up an account

////  are you saying curencies direct is a scam?  ////


Hopkirk is probably making sure that you def know who you're paying the money to and that you're not being scammed by someone??

Question Author

it's nice of people to be worried but its a transfer i'm instigating to my sister

Do you not have mobile banking, as in an app on your phone?

I transferred money to Eire via my online banking.  It cost me about £25.

We use Wise for all our transfers - cheap, quick and honest charges/rates.

Wise (formally Transferwise) is 100% reliable, I use them regularly; 

Currencies Direct isn't a scam! Do you honestly think I'd have recommended it if it were?

I don't think the suggestion was that Currencies Direct was a scam, only that there might be something dodgy about the actual transaction. But if bednobs is satisfied that the recipient is indeed her sister and not an incel in a basement in Kansas, it ought to be okay,

Most (all?) major banks make no charge for sending international payments via online banking.  Barclays definitely doesn't, for a start.

^^ I think you might need to check that out further Chris.

I make quite a saving by using Wise - less than £10 on a thousand, all banks charge much more.

I have been charged by Natwest for wanting to pay a holiday payment in Euro before.

Starling do not charge anything for payments abroad

Question Author

Would that be a transfer direct to her bank account (from mine or from wise or from currencies direct etc)?

Question Author

Ps obviously it's not a high stakes international transfer, its a one off some I'm (and she ) not all that bothered about 25 quid here and there or the most estate favourable rate and so on. 2750 is quite a lot of money in one go for both of us though!

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Sending £2500To Someone In America

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