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What Do You Think Of Me Working Two Jobs?

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drobi619 | 19:38 Tue 30th Jan 2024 | Business & Finance
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I have the opportunity to work mornings at a coffee shop and then evenings at a pizza restaurant. 

Monday-Friday: 0500-1300

Tuesday, Thursday, Sunday: 1430-2130

Friday: 1700-2130

I am wondering if this would be too much for me. 



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Not much spare time.

You also need to factor in travel time.

How old are you?

Do you have any caring responsibilities?

I've worked those sort of hours (and, indeed, much longer) when I was younger, so I know that it can certainly be done. 

It depends though upon just how much you need the money.  (I was working, on a self-employed contract, in a job that typically only averaged around 40% of the National Minimum Wage.  So I had to put in long hours in order to make enough money to live on).

My only concern about the hours that you've mentioned is the inclusion of the Sunday shift, which effectively reduces your free time from two days per week to just one.

Depends on your age really and energy levels. Just do it and see how it goes, cant see you have anything to lose.

You'd have to examine your chores, exercise and pill taking regimes.

No, let some other poor person have one of the jobs.

I used to have to do nights 6pm until 8am. 14 hours five, sometimes six nights a week. I would not recommend it.

There are more important things that in life.

Question Author

I am almost 30

Don't keep drinking up the coffee shop's profits trying to keep going.

When I was young (I'm guessing you are young) I had two part time jobs in two different bars. I enjoyed the work and the people but always felt like I did nothing but work. I don't think those hours are sustainable, but you might as well give it a try. Especially if you just 'blitz' it by working a lot and earning money for a short while. 

Just read you're 29. That's still young.

I'm sure I was 29 only last week 😁

For me it would be

Everything under the sun is too much for you Abbey, apart from buying clothes and posting you woes on AB.

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What Do You Think Of Me Working Two Jobs?

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