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Family & Relationships

Welcome to the Family section where it is OK to air your dirty laundry!

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My friend and I were very close and about a year ago I was going through very hard times trying to cope with me loosing my father and some work related problems and one day me and my friend had an... ...
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I have been sitting on this all night, and want a second opinion on whether or not this is victim blaming?
So I ride my bike to my obligations each day, and this day I was a little later then when... ...
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This was in 2013 when we were both 19. I forgot why he brought it up, but he said that the youngest girl he dated was 11. I have no idea how old he was when he dated her. I kind of freaked out on... ...
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This guy I work with he married with 2 girls. We get on really well I feel like I can have a good conversation and have a right laugh about anything also have good banter and lovely day when he is... ...

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