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My birth mother

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Halifaxmum | 23:18 Thu 30th Jun 2011 | Family & Relationships
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So we met up last Thursday, it went well (I thought) - she was honest and very touchy feely - told me a lot of stuff

I emailed her last Friday just saying thanks for being honest and it was good meeting her.

I've had no reply - we've been emailing since January - she had always replied in 1-2 days.

She didn't mention being away or anything. I think it's another case of being picked up and dropped....?


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Email isn't 100% reliable. Try again...
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It's always got through before Mark - on every sent email :-(
Maybe she's not got an internet connection at the moment?

It's also possible it's taking her a long time to get her head around meeting with you.
Try again, as Mark says, but if she does not answer just remember you are the same person as you were before, you have closed a gap in your life and you can move on feeling better for having tried.
maybe she's stuggling to come to terms with things, and needs a little time!..........give her a little time to respond!....if she doesn't, then, I would try just once more!....hope it all goes well for you!.....
Maybe she's not checked her email recently. Resend.

Have you got a telephone number for her? You could try calling her and a few weeks.
as said, try again. maybe she is starting to wonder whether she said too much in in one go.
she may be a bit shell-shocked, it's been a big deal for her too.

if you send another mail I'd keep it brief, "is everything okay?".

best of luck x
hi halixmum. Dont let it upset you too much at your mum not replying for a short while. The meeting she had with you , could have made her feel happy but shell shocked, and it can leave you feeling a bit strange. When I had my mind blowing experience, I felt wobbly and weak, and started fainting quite a few times that I had never ever done before. It blows your mind even if you feel on top of the world. So --make allowances for mum at this very special time in your life. good luck xx

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My birth mother

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