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Guys: Would You Rather A Girl Reject You Because You Never Had A Girlfriend, Or If A Girl Rejects You Because You Have A Child By Another Woman?

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PercyPierce | 20:41 Thu 23rd Nov 2023 | Family & Relationships
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Hello guys! Happy Thanksgiving!

I just had a talk with this girl and she told me that She would feel sorry for me if I never had sex experience.

I then asked her why would she, and wouldn't she not like my baby mama.

She said she don't like guys that have baby mamas and "messing around" with other women.

Bear in mind this woman has "messed around" with a young man who turned out to have a girlfriend.

Now, I am aware there is a Stigma towards men that if they never had a girlfriend, they're losers. 

Would you guys feel better if you told a girl that was interested in you about your past experiences with your ex, and she said "no thanks" and walked away?

I apologize for my Colloquial English! Can you give me a better term for "baby mama" which uses less syllables, I know some people hate that term.



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Fewer syllables.

I assume baby mama is the mother of your child, but probably not a term used much in the UK.

Is this question aimed only at men?

Question Author

@scorpiojo well, I never heard of a woman getting rejected because of their (lack of) history, but if you have a female example, I'm open ears.

A girl may reject you because she thinks you're an idiot.

Moron this later.

Question Author

@scorpiojo Very Classy lady! Very Classy.

Question Author

@scorpiojo By the way. Women date Idiots all the time, so you don't have a point.

Well scorpiojo is a very intelligent lady, but you are coming over as somewhat immature and in a chaotic scene.  Draw a breath, step aside and consider the realities, please.

Never heard  of 'baby mama'. I've re-read your post and I'm still rather baffled by it all.  As a female I have never thought that men were stigmatised because they were virgins.  If you are young then that is a plus, in fact.

I think that this is very much aimed at men.  I await their answers with interest.  :)

Well I'm a man but I couldn't make any sense of the post.

I had to Google baby mama

classy 🤔🤐

Was I right @20.51?

Inexplicably some men think it is a badge of honour to have several 'baby mamas' (dreadful term).  I think they should learn how to use a condom.

Barsel...she is the mother of the children of several different men.

Well...that's the definition I came across.


Thanks, Pasta. I didn't Google it but thought I'd heard the term before somewhere.

A baby mama may have one child.  She is just not in a relationship with the baby's father except for 'booty calls' at his whim.  Another dreadful term.


I'd rather not be rejected at all, but if it occurs, for whatever reason, that'd be her loss as much as mine.

-- answer removed --

Women have run you out of town?  Do they gang up on you?

Respect her wishes, you inbred elk. We have similar in the UK Devonshire comes to mind. I'm sure the Parish will welcome you back to the fold.

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Guys: Would You Rather A Girl Reject You Because You Never Had A Girlfriend, Or If A Girl Rejects You Because You Have A Child By Another Woman?

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