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When is it acceptable to start eating Easter eggs?

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AB Editor | 10:41 Fri 29th Mar 2019 | Food & Drink
23 Answers

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  • Wait until Easter Sunday. - 73 votes
  • 34%
  • I have no interest in Easter eggs. - 68 votes
  • 31%
  • As soon as they go on sale, obviously. - 53 votes
  • 25%
  • Wait until Good Friday. - 14 votes
  • 6%
  • Other, I will say below. - 8 votes
  • 4%

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Strictly speaking, on Easter Sunday .... but I've stricken 'strict' from my vocabulary. ;o)
This is the first year I've bought my kids Easter eggs, and they're all adults now!

The Easter after my dad died I was so upset because it was the first year I'd never received an Easter egg. It's the small things!
Buy, hide, eat.....and repeat!!
Why does the chocolate taste better in an egg than a bar?!
When it has been unboxed!
Jake - I think it's cheaper chocolate.
I'm with jakes but why bother hiding them ....wastes good eating time :)
I used to hide them from the kids.
buy for the children ,eat them .buy for the children x
^^ This is what happens, and why I haven't bought any yet.
now....and you will get the same answer from me whenever you ask
Definitely don't hide. I found Christmas selection boxes one July - hidden too well. Buy, eat and buy again if required.
Only just seen this, my way is to eat them as soon as they appear in the shops ! Love Easter egg chocolate ..
Cream eggs should be eaten from when on shop shelf till when they're not. Regarding actual Easter eggs they should be eaten on or after Easter Sunday traditionally but i mean people can do what they want and when they want ay ;)
When you want it, just kidding. It is no right time then now for doing anything. If you think your kids are adult enough to have easter eggs, you should give them.
I wait until after Easter and get a half price egg.
Boxing Day? That's the gospel according to Tesco, other supermarkets are available!
I've always made Easter Eggs and hidden something silly or unusual inside.....could be a nice cheque....or a pair of socks.... :-)
I'd settle for the pair of socks if they were made by you.
I make nice, comfy foot soothing socks,'d be welcome....... :-)
Don't know about "acceptable".

Advisable? After they're laid and before they're hatched?

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When is it acceptable to start eating Easter eggs?

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