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Chicken Burgers

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Vagus | 14:46 Sat 23rd Apr 2022 | Food & Drink
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I don’t like beef burgers so have always bought a variety of veggie burgers to have in a bun.
However, I just fancied a change so have some chicken burgers in the freezer for our evening meal today, they’re ones made with chicken breast not processed bits and pieces. Have made a big bowl of salad to have with them, some homemade coleslaw, and potato salad made with the leftovers from last night.
Just got me thinking though...what do you have on a chicken burger? Just the burger, a slice of cheese, some salad piled on top, something else??


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I love a chicken burger and I usually go for lashings of good mayonnaise and some very thinly sliced lettuce and maybe a cheeky gherkin or two on the side
And of course a slice or two of processed cheese slices
Salad, gherkin and sweetcorn relish. Don't like the idea of cheese with chicken, at all.
Chilli jam or chilli sauce
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Many thanks people.
We had mayo on one side of bun and sweet chilli sauce on the other, just perfect. If I’d have had some sweet corn relish I’d have had that too, must get some.
I agree with ginge, cheese just doesn’t seem right on a chicken burger but it’s whatever floats your boat.
Will defo get these chicken burgers again, very very nice.
Any clue to the brand Vagus? I occasionally have a chicken breast burger from a takeaway, didn't know any firm used just chicken breast. I figure it would be cheaper and I don't always feel like going out for it. I have salad and mayonnaise, never cheese.
I'm not a great lover of burgers in general but I occasionally visit a local burger van just to get me out of the house. Bianca, who runs it, serves lovely crispy chicken burgers. Simply asking for "my usual, please" is all that's really needed for me to get what I want but, when I decide to go into a bit more detail, that means "with a cheese slice upstairs and downstairs and lettuce".
(Bianca's burgers are also 'proper' ones, made with chicken breast. If she can't get them from her usual supplier, she won't buy from anywhere else because she insists on only serving top quality products).
I love a proper chicken breast burger with lots of mayo, gherkin and tomatoes. No cheese for me.
I used to make my own (well, turkey burgers from turkey mince) with shallot, coriander and chilli. I did like some cheese on the top, plus a slice of tomato and onion. Haven`t had them for ages since discovering wagyu burgers.
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Birds eye chicken shop sizzler fillet burgers, made with 100% chicken breast.
I highly recommend them, they were very tasty and proper chicken.
Just mayo, and plenty of iceberg lettuce here.
Thanks Vagus.
Chicken is no vely good
It’s are process bad and the kompsny sell the price is high
What's with the phonetics 'Vely good' ?
Arksided, Mailin20 is no velygood, and (anagram) of full of "this". I think he is winding us up.
Err, seems there's some confusion on this thread as to how we define a chicken breast burger.

The UK Foods Standards Agency allows manufacturers to make chicken breast burgers from both the chilled chicken breasts you buy in supermarkets and reformed versions of the breasts. This means that when you buy a product that is made from or contains "chicken breast" it can indeed be made from the "bits and pieces" mentioned by the OP. Furthermore, because of this, it is indeed "processed".

Take a moment to understand what I'm saying here: I am not claiming that any old "bits and pieces" of chicken are in a chicken breast burger. I am saying that "bits and pieces" of chicken breast are permitted in that burger within the confines of current UK food regulations and such a burger can be highly compressed "bits and pieces" of chicken breast meat from assorted sources.

The fact of the matter is that making a chicken burger out of nothing but a butchers cut of a chicken breast would make that burger prohibitively expensive. It's just too costly for the consumer. Furthermore, there is no legal definition of what a manufacturer means when they claim the burger is made of "chicken fillet" so that phrase is of little value too.

Do a search on any of the major supermarket websites for Birds Eye Chicken Quarter Pounders which are made from chicken breast according to the pack front. The ingredients list on the reverse contains the legal definition of the product. It says "Chicken Quarter Pounders formed from chopped chicken breast....". The word "formed" means that they do contain chicken breast bits and pieces. Like it or not, lots of chickens contribute to a chicken burger and there is no doubt that they are highly processed.

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Chicken Burgers

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