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Vagus | 10:09 Wed 12th Oct 2022 | Food & Drink
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I know some people here find them boring and a waste of time but yesterday I found three dishes which I’m going to try, having looked them up to see what exactly is in them...a curry loaf, boboti, and keema.
Sometimes you don’t know you need to ask the question until you see the answer :)


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"I know some people here find them boring and a waste of time"

How dare you ?............;-)
Question Author
Ha ha Sqad, I’m always up for a dare!! ;o)
Question Author
Actually, while you’re here, what’s your favourite meal that Mrs Sqad dishes up? I know you’ve said she’s an excellent cook so I’d be very interested to know.
What's for dinner already ?

Er indoors , haven't even brought me up the breakfast menu , yet

Vagus......all her meals are my favourite and each evening I give them a score out of 10 and a select group called "top ten".
Her salads are to die for.....pan fried fish, quite memorable......her vegetables done in her way are an essential feature. kedgeree is a bonus.......whetever she produces has thought ,care and satisfaction are essential ingredients.

I choose the wine ...;-)
Bazile. I would have a word, because my menu is available the night before when my clean shirt is delivered for the next day.
Do you have your shirts pressed - I hope so .

What about your dinner jacket ?
Question Author
I now imagine you with those Strictly scoring paddles each evening after you’ve eaten ;)
Are the veg done in a particular way, or just cooked properly? And kedgeree, she must really love you!
Does she ever do a ‘quick’ meal, like maybe scrambled eggs on toast, or even beans on toast?
No dinner jacket here. Breakfast wear, Onslow string fest, with one or two egg stains from previous feasts.
Oh! yes......carrots, parsnips cardamon mashed up together......vegetables all cooked together, them mashed up with cardamon and butter..........nothing fancy, presented in a seperate dish. Asparagus fried in butter.....that's hot vegetables. The salad ..avaocado salad with fruit...secret formula for the potatoe salad, no onions just mayonaise with chopped hard boiled eggs.
To die for.

Quick meal: Omelette usually cheese, home made soup, scrabled eggs (unbeleivable).

Sunday morning......full English.
Squad hope you enjoy booting. If you were persnickety, you could arrange bay leaves and half lemon slices on top of the custard. I think a bit of symmetry makes it taste better. Go easy on the turmeric first time
Booting???? I mean boboti
Obvs, I have not yet woken up, my post was aimed at vagus
Question Author
Blackstoun, the two recipes I’ve looked at don’t have turmeric in them. Mind you, they’re both English recipes not traditional South African ones.
Not sure when I’ll make it but will let you know the verdict when I do, thanks for the inspiration.
Sqad, thanks for your replies, very interesting, Mrs S certainly looks after you.
Sorry Vagus, should have answered you. Curry Loaf is a bit of a "cheat" meal but here we go. 1 Packet Heinz Creations Lentil Curry cooked for a minute in the micro. 1 Packet everyday savoury rice cooked as per instructions on packet. Mix both together, add 1 tbsp of curry powder and 3 beaten eggs. Pour into loaf tin and bake for 30/40 mins at 180 degrees until set and golden. Onions or other veg can be added.
Turmeric, you don’t need much, half a teaspoon if you making for two persons, bit more if there are more mouths to feed. Scatter it on the mince as it is cooking and stir it in
Question Author
Thanks Maggie. I did look up the recipe and see it’s a slimming world one, I’ve made a few of theirs in the past, some successfully and others I’d never do again. Will definitely give this a go.
Will take your suggestion on board Blackstoun, thanks.
//some people here find them boring and a waste of time//
how hard is it to ignore a thread entitled 'what's for dinner'?
Question Author
That’s far too difficult for some ael ;o)

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