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Bubble Tea ??

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haras2 | 20:40 Sat 26th Aug 2023 | Food & Drink
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I noticed in the KM links today that there were mentions of "bubble tea".
Mrs google tells me that it is a drink consisting of milky tea,fruit, fruit juice and a dollop of frog spawn at the bottom.
Has anybody tried it and what is it like?


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It seems very popular in a cafe in town but I haven't tried it yet -
am told children love it.
It's revolting. All the rage in the Far East where it started.
I’ve seen it . Yuk .
The Twinings' website has loads of info:
I don't think I'll be trying it - tapioca isn''t exactly my cuppa tea.

(I haven't had tapioca since School Dinners over 70 years ago.)
Don't choke on the "bubbles" mind.

No, doesn't appeal to me either.
Yuk indeed!!! I wouldn't touching with a barge pole.

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Bubble Tea ??

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