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Christmas Lunch

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Barmaid | 13:49 Tue 14th Nov 2023 | Food & Drink
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I can't work today due to noisy scaffolders (yay, they are going today), so I thought I better get on with sorting out the food for Christmas.  I've only got 7 on Christmas Day so I think I might do a cockerel with stuffing and pigs in blankets, bread sauce, roast spuds, roast parsnips, a selection of veg and gravy.  Then Christmas Pud or pavlova for pudding.

What will be your main meal of the festive season?



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Your repast sounds delightful naomi. A lucky guest indeed to be at your table. I shall think of you as I nibble my toast.

David, I think/ hope you will have more than toast, but if you do, make it the best toast . 🤔

It's just Mr L and me.  Son and wife will be hiking somewhere with dog and have a picnic.  Probably on the coast.  We haven't done Christmas for years now  but will get together one day over the holiday period.  I'll be happy when Christmas is over and snowdrops and aconite  peep through.  

I'm at my daughter's for the 25th but instead of doing 26th at mine I'm taking us all out for a special event.  Because of that I've been asked/instructed to do my sticky toffee puddings for Christmas Day, they're Delia's and wonderful!

Boiled beef and carrots

It sounds posher than it is. I mean I could tell you that I make my own honeycomb (have done in the past - too much phaff for me) but the truth of the matter is that I use Crunchie bars 😁

Serves 6-8

4 egg whites at room temp

16tbsp white sugar

2tsp cornflour

1tsp white wine vinegar

loads of double cream whipped

3 - 4 Crunchie bars

Bar normal choc - I use dark

Fan oven - 100

Whip egg whites til thick, gradually add sugar making sure you can't feel any sugar granules. Mix in cornflour and vinegar.  In oven for 50 - 60 minutes.   I probably don't have to tell you this, but leave pav in oven to cool, just leave oven door on the jar.  Remove pav when completely cool.

Batter the bejeezus out of 2 of the Crunchie bars in a freezer bag until dust and mix into the whipped cream. Slap on top of the pav. Batter the next 1-2 into something prettier and crumblier and use to decorate the top of the pav.

Melt bar of dark choc and drizzle over the top then put in fridge.


As I'm always on my own, I always keep it simple on Christmas Day. 

I'll probably have one of these
filled with one of these
and perhaps some roasties and/or sprouts and/or parsnips.


I'll follow that with one of these
together with some brandy cream.

Not given it a thought. Probably depends on what is left in the supermarket mid-December and which are still affordable. So, hot cross buns and Easter eggs maybe.

It will be something easy as going out on the 24th for Xmas meal with friends.  Maybe something from M & S?

Looks good Chris. Will there be a libation taken ?

^^^ I always ensure that I've got plenty of choice of drinks available to go with Christmas lunch, Anne, but I often end up thinking that I'd rather save the booze until later.  

If I've not drunk it by then though, I've got three bottles of this currently awaiting my attention
(it's gorgeous) but I might seek out a decent red to go with my meal instead. (Morrisons have a cracking Dão, which is sensibly priced).

to naomi's ask, just one at the moment as in myself - don't think my sister will be back from France where they currently are - if they are it will be lunch chez elle and the bird, I'll cook over the New Year.

I admire that, DTC.  I know if I didn't have people to cook for I'd have a takeaway.  I couldn't be bothered to cook for myself.

God I hate phrase, 'pigs in blankets' it sounds so coarse.

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Christmas Lunch

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