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Lentil, Mango And Spinach Dahl

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Vagus | 15:19 Tue 20th Feb 2024 | Food & Drink
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The co op very kindly send me recipes from time to time and they sent me this one last week.  Making it tonight, hope it turns out as tasty and interesting as it soundsπŸ˜‹



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Unconvinced about the sweet mango, but let us know how it went ?

ooo can you share it sounds - delish

Question Author

I like sweet and salty so that's probably why it appeals to me, I always throw a handful of sultanas in a curry, and grapes in a bowl of salad.

I also just ate a bag of sweet salty popcorn...

Question Author

Sorry Helen, I can't do cut and paste but if you google the title, up will come the Co op recipe πŸ‘

I don't particularly care for fruit in hot savoury dishes. It might be nice as a salad though...using some sort of tinned beans/legumes.

Can you post the recipe for those who are interested? 

Question Author

I can't pasta, I don't know how to. Like I said to Helen, if you google the title the Co op recipe will pop up.

I like sweet and salty too or sweet and sour!

Question Author

Indeed Lottie, have to have sweet and sour chicken for at least one of our Chinese takeaway choices 🍜

This is very similar to something I make - I think I would replace the mango with mango chutney.

Nice recipe .

here we are - agree on using mango chutney....


sorry an erroneous 'i' there - at the end of dahl....

Question Author

Thanks for putting the link up DTC. While I'm sure mango chutney would work, I prefer to have the actual fruit in it for those nice fruity bites when you're eating it.

Crikey. The piece of red onion at lower right of the picture at 5'oclock fopr the life of me looks like a earthworm.  Added protein by chance?

the trouble with the Coop apart from their prices and now no savings scheme is that they have stopped selling veg like onions by the one - three in a net now and £1.15 for 3......I have just been in Waitrose, single red onions @ 20p and I am sure Aldi is cheaper. Tesco  is at 21p....

Aldi is 95p for a net bag of 3.

I've just looked at the recipe and it says 500mls stock but you only seem to use 250.

Or have I misread it ?

add in stock Plus 250ml boiling H2O

Question Author

500ml veg stock stock and then a further 250ml hot water Rosie, I had to look twice too.

Thanks both x

Question Author

Mine's currents bubbling away, ten minutes to go then two more minutes with the mango and spinach added. I know spinach wilts but it seems like a huge bag to have to wilt! And I cheated and used ready prepared mango πŸ˜‰πŸ₯­

//Crikey. The piece of red onion at lower right of the picture at 5'oclock fopr the life of me looks like a earthworm.  Added protein by chance?//

no you've mentioned it they all look like earthworms! 

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Lentil, Mango And Spinach Dahl

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