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Post Christmas Dinner

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pinkiefriend | 11:07 Thu 19th Jan 2006 | Food & Drink
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Hi Folks,

I have a turkey in my freezer left over from Christmas. I am thinking of inviting my friends round for a post Christmas Dinner. The only problem is I have quite a few friends I would like to invite and the Turkey only feeds 4. Do you think with all the trimmings, i.e. little sausages, roast tatties, and veg etc; this would be enough to feed 7 or is this just a bit far fetched? Any ideas of how I could feed 7 out of my 4 man turkey would be much appreciated. I only have a small electric oven; any advice on pre cooking a different meat would be also appreciated, that's if my turkey will not feed all these people!

Thanks in advance!!



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Yes there are loads of things you can do!

You could add an extra course to the meal so serve soup and fish for instance, you could have hefty canapes with drinks before hand, then serve soup at the table, you could buy a piece of ham and boil it to serve with the turkey (traditional) you could be really sneaky and buy some pieces of turkey breast and cook it separately then slice it and serve it mixed with the roasted meat, you could serve yorkshire pudding traditionally before the main course with gravy.

are any of your friends vegetarian?

Question Author
None of my friends are vegetarian but a vegetarian dish wouldn't go a miss. Any ideas for a vegie dish? All help much appreciated
Why not bone out the whole turkey (including the legs) and then make a good stuffing for it with sausagemeat, herbs, chestnuts, onions, whatever? Your four man turkey would then easily stretch to feed 8 (or even 10) with some judicious slicing. Much easier than carving a small bird successfully and fairly for eight people!
Perhaps I'm missing something in your description, but turkey's here in the U.S. average 10 to 12 pounds and we've always been able to plan 1 pound of turkey per person. This includes most of the "trimmings", but no one has ever gone hungery. Perhaps yours is a really small turkey. We've used 22 pound turkeys in the past with the same results...
Woofgang beat me to it in in suggesting buying some additional turkey breast to supplement your turkey. If you cooked the bird beforehand and added the extra meat you could always turn it into a curry and serve with lots of extra side dishes, chutneys and poppadoms to make it stretch further. And as it's still relatively soon after Christmas, something other than a traditional roast might be welcomed.

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Post Christmas Dinner

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