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Bannister Rail Paint Peeling Off

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MargoTester | 13:11 Fri 27th Aug 2021 | DIY
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I rubbed it down and repainted but its happened again. Rubbed it down again but some still remains. Can anyone suggest the best way to get rid of this please. I read some that it's best to use an oil based paint, but I need to remove the residual paint flakes. I've tried white spirit and soapy water. Your help would be appreciated.


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Laboriously stripping back to original timer will do it Margot.

However........... Zinsser products are probably the best alternative.
I've always used "Zinsser Bulls-Eye" or "1-2-3-" from the same company.
This may be even better............ User Recommendation
^^^^ "timber"
What I like about it is that it forms a tough acrylic coating.
Also, it's breathable. Most flaking is the result of evaporation from under the paint not being able to escape subsequent layers of paint.
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Thanks Builder. I've read about that but it's quite expensive for the small amount I would use and I wondered if
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Oops - there was an alternative. Looks like l'll have to bite the bullet and buy some. Thanks for your help.
I used Zinsser on some of my trim was brilliant. Wish I'd used it when I did my stair spindles a few months ago.
Well worth it.
I also used this on some skirting board...very easy to use and quick drying...opinions The Builder? User Recommendation
I know, Margot. It's a common complaint.
But, the paint industry is very sophisticated today. The "old days" have gone.
9 or 10 pounds a litre is not exceptional. For some wood finishes, I often pay £70 for 5 litre cans. (£14 per litre.)
I don't know that one Pasta, but at that price, I would be inclined to go for it.
What you're really paying for are the "one-coat" properties.
There are cheaper ways to do it.

With the Zinsser products though, they are well proven :o)
Question Author
Thank you both very much.

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Bannister Rail Paint Peeling Off

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