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Fridge-Freezer With Wi-Fi

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wolf63 | 15:32 Wed 15th Nov 2023 | Home & Garden
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I now have a new toy to play with.

It has wi-fi, it must be to 'magic' food in the freezer from the shop.πŸ˜…

does anyone have a FF with wi-fi?  Do they find it useful?  Or can I ignore it?

Tomorrow I might play with my new induction hob, or my new washing machine or dishwasher.  HopefullyI can get them to work by pressing random buttons.



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What does the wifi bit do?

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I am not too clear on that.  I have tried reading the manual but it covers many of their models.  I think it must be for the temperature control but I would hate to think that it has a fandabbydosey function that I am oblivious to.

I can see a feature that sent a loud alert to your phone if there is a problem with the FF but am scratching my head thinking of other uses

Has it got cameras so you can check what's in it on your phone?

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No, that would be handy when it came to shopping.

It has an alarm if the door is left open.

I will see how it works - even the water dispenser has a lock.😡

I might play with the washing machine tomorrow.πŸ˜…

Flipping heck Susan, you have a dishwasher to play with at the weekend. πŸ€”

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Anne, I am easily pleased😁

Wickes have failed to supply all the bits so there is still work to be done

The Induction hob looks far too complicated for me to use, but it looks nice.

Love my induction hob.

My freezers sound alarms, too, but that's no good if nobody is home or we are in bed

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Fridge-Freezer With Wi-Fi

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