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Condenser Tumble Dryer

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Omg21 | 16:53 Thu 16th Nov 2023 | Home & Garden
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Does any one have one of these?  Would you recommend them?



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There's only two things you can do with the water that comes out of clothes when you tumble-dry them; vent it outside the machine or condense it into a tank. If you vent it to the outside you either have a tube sticking out of a window letting out heat or you get a damp room. If you condense it you just have to empty a water tank every now and again. No contest.

Yes and yes 

Yes and yes

yes and yes

I have one and don't need to empty the water tank, it is connected to the drain.

If I were in need of a new tumble dryer I would buy a heat pump model - they are far cheaper to run

i have a heat pump one, and i'd recommend that

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Thank you for the answers.  I hadn't thought of a heat pump dryer so will look at those.

I believe the heat pump dryers are all condensing.  

What put me off the heat pump, was that they operate at a lower temperature and take longer to dry a load.

Before buying, I'd read this very useful Which? article (the best buys are LG and Siemans, btw)

TheWinner, the lower temperature might be better for the laundry.  I take your point about it taking longer but if you are drying overnight on cheaper electricity it won't be an issue.

ive had my heat pump dryer for about 5 years and did not notice an increase in electricy usage when i started using it

the programme i use generally starts off at 3 hrs 17 mins, but like other dryers, it has a sensor that will reduce that if the stuff is dry quicker.

Yes barry, it has a water tank that needs emptying

Had one for 9 yrs. now.  I would definitely recommend them.

bednobs, they are supposed to save electricity regardless of how long it takes to run :)  

I really want one but can't justify ditching my perfectly good condensing dryer.  

^^^ It is rarely used during most of the year.  If you do not overload it it is not expensive.  N.B. Do not dry men's socks in it.

When I got a smart meter I was pleasantly surprised at how much my old tumble dryer costs to run, not nearly as much as the figures in the press.

We have a one with tube sticking out window to vent. We keep ours up on the end of landing next to window. Always been happy with it.

I have one and would recommend it.

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Thanks again for the advice and recommendations.

I use a drying rack - free to use and totally effective.

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Condenser Tumble Dryer

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