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Condenser Tumble Dryer

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Omg21 | 16:53 Thu 16th Nov 2023 | Home & Garden
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Does any one have one of these?  Would you recommend them?



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A condenser one means the heat you have paid for stays in the house. A vented one means you are throwing that expensive heat outside.

Hopkirk, my condensing tumble drier doesn't heat the room it's in. The heat stays in the dryer.

Well it's got to go somewhere.

barry - and is it still in there when you next come to use the dryer or has it slowly leaked out into the room?

No, when it's finished it is cool inside, the heat goes into the condensing chamber where it is condensed in to water and pumped in to the drain.  

My utility room does not get hot and steamy and it is a small room with a window that is rarely opened.

barry - energy can neither be created or destroyed, only converted to a different form or matter. Any energy put into your tumbler via the mains has to end up somewhere; it either heats up the room or goes down the drain with the water.

That's what I said, it goes down the drain.

My old, non-condensing tumble dryer made the utility room hot and steamy

I use a de-humidifier placed next to a clothes rack - works very well, and is cheap to run.

Fine for you, no good for me when I'm washing three or more loads a day

Yes, but the heat is useful in winter as it reduces the heat needed from the boiler. It's just the moisture content which is a nuisance, so the most cost-effective is a condenser which extracts the water from the hot air and lets the heat into the room. The saving comes as a chore to empty the condensed water after it has cooled in the collection tank.

There is no radiator in the utility room and the dryer behaved in the same way before it was plumbed in. The only difference is not emptying the water container. 

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Condenser Tumble Dryer

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