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Another "New Flat" Question

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NoseyNose | 13:04 Wed 14th Feb 2024 | Home & Garden
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I feel a bit guilty of making AB into a shopping service!LOL

My saucepan set must be 20 years old(or more) and the non stick surface has is almost worn nout, so I feel I need a new set for my new flat?

What do you think of these.I trust all you perceptive AB'ers,to approve or not. User Recommendation

Thank You~Gordon.



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On Amazon. Carote pan set 3 to 13 pieces Stove top or oven use. 
13:40 Wed 14th Feb 2024

I recommend this set - far better in a limited size kitchen as stackable and the pots can go into the oven with the handle removed so you don't need loads of casserole dishes either. User Recommendationref=sr_1_4?crid=2Z1XXOM7IRV2B&dib=eyJ2IjoiMSJ9.Ch-sUDma9jk_d-CpZnrTVkTqZA2KsHfkWttLa-AwFNhetvYDMRFgzmwAm2FWVpuUpxvdmgAzg638QNzrnWA4Zo1ieEt6xJTMBCvKOubLqGJ5VfOuE8ThG2tmCbmueS4Y4ym0_8UnV29ogDqZwg44xD8GkCgLAiL-jsLQaWjgMVJWvyC6IlS0amrbocoM0jVpzMwy3ZeeAxGTjm8Kro780GfkgGcGvT-F9VKH3hD90fhIP3K4l_YMp4UlbCf_-Uyk2ej2kit07EzWhLNT28keetG9aKGs-qdO1J_uQzuJs3U.TQOG2NxofSjqqClr0kMUwFaRlewC2uOwE6uYBeKtX18&dib_tag=se&keywords=tefal%2Bingenio&qid=1707912297&s=kitchen&sprefix=tefal%2B%2Ckitchen%2C125&sr=1-4&th=1


They look very nice Gordon, but I've never used that type of pan so don't feel I can comment. I'm sure someone else will help you with this though.

Don't feel guilty about asking these questions, that's the whole idea of Answerbank.

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PS:~ Do you think that stockpots are oven proof,I cannot see that anywhere?

£180 is a lot to pay for a set of cookware that you'll probably not even use 1/2 of them!

I mostly use a frypan, a saucepan & a WOK/stewpan. Non-stick is good for cooking & cleanablity but some do wear out eventually. I have some stainless steel pans that I bought 40 years ago & are still as good as new.

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That link is incoreect,but you get the idea anyway?


If I was cooking something "stockpot" style it would go in the slow cooker rather than the oven. 

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Lets see if this works? User Recommendation?tag=theans-21&th=1

//Mothers Day Gifts for Wife//

Bit sexist!

Do you cook very much ?

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I thought that too!


Only for my main meals,and a few dinner parties.

Any reccomendations anne?

That's a good question Anne. 

I'm the same age as Gordon and also live on my own, and I wouldn't use all those pans myself for the amount of cooking I do.

Perhaps Gordon is looking to cook for himself and his friends.

Gordon, did you decide about an air fryer or slow cooker?

You probably won't need all those pans as well if you have decided to get an af or a sc.

I would always buy a well known brand,  I have a set of stainless steel saucepans  similar to these.


I would buy a good non stick frying pan from a different range . I currently have a tefal one 28 " with a lid which I bought separately , and a balti pan which also doubles as a wok and general pan for larger bulk cooking.   I rarely use saucepans now as I do veggies in a steamer and most other stuff goes in the. microwave.   

You might be better buying one small and two medium saucepans  rather than a small medium large set.

I wouldn't buy copper finished either, they look lovely when new but are a pain to keep nice.

//£180 is a lot to pay for a set of cookware that you'll probably not even use 1/2 of them!//

Not really a lot of money.  I bought Vogue triwall 2 big, 2 med and three small plus 2 frying pans a stock pot and a steamer.  plus lids for all. Also go a mini one.

For non stick got two procook ceramic frying pans.

Excellent pans. You get what you pay for although way more than £180.

On Amazon. Carote pan set 3 to 13 pieces Stove top or oven use.


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Thank You,

Although others may say this set is too big for me,I know what I cook, and how much.

I especially like the fact that you can use them in the oven,and put them on the table(with the handle removed).

I shall seriously consider this set!

calmck User Recommendationref=pd_ci_mcx_pspc_dp_d_2_i_0?pd_rd_w=kcKXp&content-id=amzn1.sym.8db49f41-2d78-4c1c-bc3b-fb9e44b9efb4&pf_rd_p=8db49f41-2d78-4c1c-bc3b-fb9e44b9efb4&pf_rd_r=TVDB21FEDKEP7GDF3Y3F&pd_rd_wg=HILgh&pd_rd_r=cf818b18-b155-4fea-90e1-373b41e2fb21&th=1

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Sorry,that was Amazon re~directing you to an incorrect link.

No, I wouldn't pay £ 180 either!

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I already have an excellent hob top steamer(3 tier set),so this set would(I think) go well with it.

You asked for an opinion, so...I really don't like them. I don't like the colour for a start and I think they are "style over substance". I don't like coated aluminium because coatings on Al tend to peel quite quickly if not done properly. (Also, they seemed aimed at a US market - sizes in inches and quarts, for example).

I'd buy fewer items (that I know I will definitely use) from a well-known maker.

Also you need to watch what you buy if you have an induction hob as that £180 set is non induction. I thought at that price would cover all. 

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