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Can My Carer Use My Parking Permit For Disabled?

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ladybirder | 13:07 Mon 08th Jan 2024 | How it Works
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She usually moves my car off my personal parking space and puts my Permit on display with the time. Then parks hers in my space.  All fine till today when my car won't start as it has been unused for so long.  I think because she is working for me she can do that.  Am I right please?




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Jesus...I bet you wish you had never asked now!
23:29 Mon 08th Jan 2024

Peter Pedant, another selective copy and paste  from you - but overlooking that - almost - a carer cannot use someone else's blue badge to go out to get a bottle of pop for them.  If you can't offer good advice - which you very often don't - don't offer advice.  

PP, "I'm not sure but I think you need to be in the car for the permit to be used.  

I am sure: you dont

Your carer can use it to  get a bottle of pop for you ( you at home in bed wanting the pop)

she can't use it for getting  a bottle of pop for herself.

This should be clear in the book you get with the card."

If you look in that "book" there will no doubt be wording something along the lines of this, regarding the use of the Blue Badge.

"It cannot be used by other people, even if they are doing something for you. For example if somebody is doing your shopping, it doesn’t mean they can use your badge for parking."

Getting a bottle of pop for the badge holder is clearly not permitted.

Perhaps you should have a read of the guidance again to ensure you're not allowing the badge to be used improperly?

                  //Do not allow other people to use the badge to do something on your behalf,such as shopping or collecting something for you. //

That was copied verbatim from Page 8 of the advisory book I received this morning with my replacement BB.

The whole extract was written in my post at 1223.                                                                                                                                   

Apologies, I hadn't seen your earlier post and neither, it seems, had PP.


I copied it from guidance with a 2019 copyright so I couldn't be sure it hadn't been updated.

It matters not whether the BB is in your car or hers. 

It's not really proper use of the BB, but for an hour no harm is done. 

Question Author

Oh dear I thought this was finished.

I'll say this for the last time I hope, the BB is never anywhere else but in my own car.  

I can see why some might think it's morally wrong but if the Traffic Warden is OK with it then so am I.

It happens usually once a week from 30 - 50 mins.


Sorry to continue with this LB but if you have bought a private parking space along with your flat, which you have, then you can park in it day and all night  and so can anyone else with your permission?  And if your road is not metered and has no yellow lines or parking restrictions anyone can park there too.


I can hardly believe such a simple question can generate over 65 answers. 

It does show how confusing the Blue Badge rules are to some folk.

My Mum had a Blue Badge although not a driver. I used it strictly in accordance with the regulations, and certainly not when running errands without her along.



The one wrong thing about blue badges in my opinion is you can't get a temporary one.  Fortunately our local hospital  recognise this and don't ask to see a blue badge if you have obviously recently broken your leg, etc.  And they authorise a free paekingbticket,


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Can My Carer Use My Parking Permit For Disabled?

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