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galasalmon | 17:56 Sat 18th May 2024 | How it Works
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Can you buy a watch phone for £20 that you cam show number of steps you take. Take your blood pressure tell time  show if you have atrial fibrillation etc . 



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yes look on 



Ali baba


etc etc....

or even amazon

You might well find cheapo watches online (or in discount stores) which claim to be able to measure blood pressure but the reality is that they simply don't work.  That's because nobody has yet found a reliable way to do the job without having a cuff inflate around the user's wrist.

I wouldn't rely on any smartwatch to measure my health - a top athlete wore two top end models (one on each wrist) whilst he did different exercises such as walking, running, weight lifting and whilst he slept.

The readings were very different.  I would use one to give a rough indication of steps and distance, that's about it.  I wouldn't use a cheap watch for anything other than telling the time.

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Thanks. I paid far more than that but someone I know says hers is better at the cheap price but I was doubting it . 

The Smart Bracelet P11 sells for about $23 on *Ad which shall not be named*. The features you describe work in a non-reliable, ballpark manner.

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Watch / Phone

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