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Change Of Job...

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Chasingcars | 20:29 Wed 20th May 2015 | Jobs & Education
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Not sure if this is one for this section or Law, but...
I was an Account Manager for a year before i went on maternity leave in my current job.
After returning from maternity leave I said i would like to return part time, and with less travel, and the company were happy with this as they had an idea for a new role, which was office based and could be done in the reduced hours i was doing. So, for nearly 2 years i have worked as Commercial Manager part time (2.5 days per week) They kept my salary with bonus the same, albeit pro rata.
Recently the departments I look after have had some restructure and they have said they want to look at my role going forward and how it can add 'more value' to the business in future. In parallel, my role has evolved since i returned to work and is now quite admin heavy, which i actually enjoy but as the business points out, i get paid quite a high salary to be an administrator...even though the key tasks i have been doing fit the job spec i was given..!
Anyway, they have come up with a couple of options for me, one is to keep the Commercial manager title, and with the same salary and bonus but change of day to day work, focusing on more projects and revenue making ideas or I carry in with my job as its been of late and take on a more formal Administrator role, with the same or 'very similar' salary but no bonus so effectively a pay reduction. From memory i know the bonus can be withdrawn at any time under my contract.
As an indication, my base salary is £31k pro rata, plus bonus which on average is £300 per month.
So if i went for the administrator role i would loose this bonus element.
Whilst i understand jobs evolve, if say 90% of my day to day activity is to change does this equate to a change of role, or is a change of role only defined by the title? Can the company change my job...title or otherwise without making my current job redundant, even if the new job has the same title albeit carrying out mainly different tasks? To be fair to the company the new job specs they have drafted are very much that and are open to my input. They are not looking to change things until start of august so have a good 2/3 months of discussion before anything is finalised. They are a good company to work for but i obviously have to think about how this change affects me financially and longer term.
Any advice welcome as if they can do this or what process they should formally follow - thankyou.



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Looking at my contract in detail it does state that i will be paid my salary plus 15% of my salary as a bonus... So if the company now want me to take a job without the bonus, isn't that a change of contract which i have to agree to or basically making my current role being made redundant?
I don't want things to get messy as i do like my job but don't want to short change myself especially as we are about to re negotiate mortgage deals and a loss of £300 is a big consideration...
>>>one is to keep the Commercial manager title, and with the same salary and bonus but change of day to day work

Many jobs evolve as the needs of companies (and the technologies to do those jobs) change. A great many people in managerial, supervisory and administrative jobs will be doing work today which is vastly different to what they were doing (with the same job title and salary structure) only a few years ago. They haven't been made redundant and neither have you; it's simply 'moving with the times'.

Given that your employer has given you the choice of doing exactly that, or of taking on a different role at lower total pay, you would seem to have nothing to complain about (and, indeed, a great deal to be grateful for).
well this is a law thread

the leading cases are Murray v Foyle Meats

and Burrell v Safeway

you look at what they do - not what the label on the contract says

however it doesnt look as tho you want the law applicable in this case as you are ready to negotiate. sensible girl

from what you say it would be quite easy for your employer to declare you redundant and pay you off ....[ job doesnt now exist ]

[ I was in the opposite where my employer was telling us over fifties how idle we were ( with a view to getting us to work harder ) and I said in exasperation - why dont you fire us all and get in youngsters whom you can pay peanuts ?
and he said no of course not - you olds can do all sorts of unbelievable things the youngsters cant and wont.
and I said o in that case can we have a pay rise please ?
and he said in a vexed fashion - no of course you cant what the hell are you talking about ?

I was out within 24 mo ]

anyway good luck
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Change Of Job...

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