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Do I Take This Job?

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abbeylee90 | 07:24 Mon 19th Feb 2024 | Jobs & Education
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It's a job as a cleaner in selco I been offered 10 hours per week 3 hours a day 



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Abbey, as well as 'going someone who has a licence', the firm might have opted for an applicant with experience and/or glowing references. I don't think your CV would make you a stand-out candidate, sorry!

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How would they know if they haven't asked me for a reference and they read my CV before interviewing me

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This is my first sick day and I'm genuinely ill

Greyseal that's what I was alluding too

Abbey, maybe the firm just interviewed everyone who applied? I think you'd have been asked more questions, more about your experience and so on if there had been any chance at all of you being offered the job.

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Do you intend going back to the laundry?

Have you worked out how you can do 3 hours a day and get to a total of 10 hours?

Is itup to 3hours

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No I haven't done 10 hours per week before 

abbey has decided not to take it anyway NMA

i do wonder what "offered" actually means

I think that answer was for me not Lankeela, but I don't understand how it answers it.

Thanks. i missed that among the warehouse/ fork lift  truck posts

I can't yet  see where Abbey says she has turned down the selco cleaning job, but a lot of the posts are garbled to me

\"Question Author

I've taken your advice and turned it down 

07:59 Mon 19th Feb 2024"

I don't think anyone suggested she turn it down though, I think it was suggested she considers her position and how she manages her time.

Thanks bednobs. I'd read that as saying she'd turned out advice down! But yours makes more sense.

could be i guess.

The timing (630 am on a monday) makes me wonder what offered actually means.  Is it a "we'd like you to work for us" sitch or a "the agency have this job are you interested in applying" type thing

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Do I Take This Job?

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