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25% Council Tax Reduction,

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jw47 | 17:47 Sun 26th May 2024 | Law
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Due to a flood my friends house is uninhabitable for at least 6 months and I said she could stay with me whilst repairs are made. Was just wondering how it would affect the 25% discount I get from local Council as a single householder. 



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Check your council's website.  My council states that changes in circumstances must be reported within 21 days or they may impose a fine.

Don't hope for the best, look at the website and phone them for advice.  If you do lose your 25% reduction your friend will have to pay the difference - or I hope she would

Just another point - your friend should be entitled to a reduction in her council tax whilst this work is being done.  

With your council tax, the council may take the view that this is a short term guest, not a paying lodger or partner, and not adjust your council tax or they might take back the discount they give your friend by putting your council tax up.  

Just make sure you are not out of pocket.  Your friend's house insurance should refund all her expenses, including alternative accommodation. 

I had family who wanted to redecorate there new house before moving in and thought they would be better sleeping at mines.  However, the local authority said that I would lose my 25% discount even under these circumstances.

6 months is a fairly long time so best to tell them and negotiate the difference in cost with your friend when you discuss her contribution to the bills etc. She will use your gas, electricity, water, loo roll, etc even if she does manage her own food. 
As Barry says, your friend will have an insurance claim so don't be shy.

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Thanks all for your answers. It won't be until late September before she might stay with me. At the moment she is visiting her son in America asshe has recently been widowed. I think her insurance company has offered her alternative accommodation  but she would rather visit me. I will enquire properly when and if she does come.

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25% Council Tax Reduction,

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