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Be Aware Of New Scam

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renegadefm | 19:08 Sun 26th May 2024 | Law
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Not sure if this is a new scam, but I only just heard about it. 


There are people posing as bailiffs when they are not bailiffs at all. So they are dressed with fake clothing and badges etc and start demanding money or taking things to cover debts. 


I can only assume these scammers have got the idea from the tv shows like Can't pay we will take it away. 


Some elderly people have already fell for this and paid thousands just to keep the piece as some of these men have been quite scary. 


Is this a common scam? 



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I've not heard of it - where did you?

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Just heard about a local insident here in Cornwall, where the people were victims of this, demanding thousands of pounds before they would go away, and they paid it just to get rid of them.

Its on our local papers. 

yep - usually a try on if you have debts - they may be under 'control' from your perspective and the financial company/bank you pay into, but they'll try it on 'an agent is coming around on Friday unless you call us - check 'who called me' and the so-called reference # is often the same.

How can you be taken in if you don't owe anyone? Oh hello missus you owe  mr x £3000 and we've come to take your  tv -

good grief no one is that thick surely?

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Believe it or not the elderly get forgetful and don't want to be scared, so give in and hand over the money. 


It's A  terrible scam, and one which obviously the scammers have got the idea from tv shows. 

"Believe it or not the elderly get forgetful and don't want to be scared, so give in and hand over the money."


In reality or purely to bolster your own story?

These scammers usually work by targetting people they have found on the bankruptcy and insolvency register, not random people.

Everyone can access these registers, free of charge

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The incident I heard about is where 2 men turned up with the same type of clothing the bailiffs wear on the tv. 


It's obvious they have nicked the idea from the tv shows. 


Not sure what was exactly said during this incident, but they threatened to take most of their electrical goods, tv's laptops etc for payment.


Looks like it's been happening in Cleveland aswell according to the link by someone above. 


It's an evil scam, and basically they are burglers in disguise. 

I've been looking in to this and can find nothing about fake bailiffs turning up at the door; only fake phone calls and emails.

renegade - you say you heard this had taken place but you still haven't said how you heard it or where from. Like barry I can't find any reliable reports.

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Be Aware Of New Scam

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