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sandokan | 12:08 Tue 10th Sep 2013 | Film, Media & TV
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will there be another series of the mentalist as i really enjoyed watching this american import and when will it be shown on british tv


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I think the latest series will start in November sometime, I'll go check, what series are you up to?
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i do not know what series no we are on but the last episode i viewed was where jane had whittled down the number of suspects whome he had previously encountered to maybe several who could be red john if this rings any bells-thank you for helping me.
I think, only think, that the one you describe sandokan, is the last episode of the most current series.

Don't know what series number it is either though.

If they do unmask Red John, can the series continue?
Did a woman get arrested at the very end of the last episode, if so then that was the latest series shown in the UK.
sandokan - I remember a tv series I used to enjoy may years ago called Sandokan!
I can recommend this website, it will provide all your answers:

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