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One To Watch.

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Mamyalynne | 14:46 Wed 17th Oct 2018 | Film, Media & TV
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If you don't manage to catch this on the big screen it is due to be aired on the BBC on Armistice Day (or thereabouts).

A must see for me at least.

Apologies if already mentioned elsewhere.


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Thank you for this Mamya, I'll definitely be watching this.
Me too.
Marvellous how they have managed to colour those strips of film taken 100 years ago, brings them completely alive.
Question Author
Watched him in interview and it was clear this is something dear to his heart, he spoke so eloquently about it.

'They didn't fight that war for us in black and white' sticks in my mind.
yes...the trailer looks amazing and what a thoughtful thing to do.
amazing and yes i will be watching, brings it home what they endured and suffered, plus the camaraderie of those tommys
Bound to put a lump in my throat.
Question Author
I'm sure it will Theland, to many.
I'm sure it will be very interesting and well made. Not sure I could sit through it though. I'd find it too upsetting...
Question Author
Just a bump for this as we get nearer,time has been announced for the showing.

Peter Jackson’s highly anticipated First World War archive feature film They Shall Not Grow Old is to receive its broadcast premiere exclusively on BBC Two on Sunday 11 November at 9.30pm.

Thanks for the update, Mamya :-)
i will watch, saw the trailer, looks amazing.
then i shall record it to watch at my leisure.
Will be very moving I reckon.
there are a few gory moments, but not many. Quite a lot of bare bottoms in the outdoor toilets...
The trailer looks amazing! looking forward to watch this.

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