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Th Avengers

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andy-hughes | 11:27 Thu 29th Oct 2020 | Film, Media & TV
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I am still really enjoying the re-runs of The Avengers.

I love the camp backdrops with 'Mother' and the impeccable manners and gorgeous suits of Steed.

But most of all I remain captivated by just how beautiful Linda Thorsen was as a young woman.

Patrick MacNee advised she was the most attractive woman he had ever met, and it's not hard to see why!

She is still stunning today, in her seventies, but then, she was just captivating.

It's great to re-live my youth with these old series - I am pretty sure UFO is coming back as well, so I can enjoy that all over again.

Anyone else re-living their past with re-runs of old series on TV?


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I'll be honest, despite Ms Thorson's obvious beauty, as an entertainment, those laters shows aren't a patch on Honor Blackman and Diana Rigg's tenures with Steed.
She was a nice looking lass, but, "most attractive woman he had ever met" ? Sounds like something a silver tongued flatterer might say. There's a lot of competition out there.
// She is still stunning today, in her seventies, but then, she was just captivating.//
not keen on L T after Diana Rigg
and she wrecked it - worked hard to get the part, didnt conform and then said it wasnt what she wanted, time for out and anyway MacNee was getting fat and cdnt cut the moo-tar

which kind a is a way that successful formations break up ( yes I have been in a few and you pick up the feeling "I just doan wanna do this anymore" and then the breaker DOES "I doan wanna do this anymore" and then it is downhill all the way until you say OK OK, got it! clean break
and neither party does anything with their hard won freedom
( Beatles but no I am not a beatle)
Blakes seven but I have to do it in the lavatory
er watch blakes seven that is!
because no one wants to join in.....
no further comments you dirty dogs!
I didn't find Blake that attractive.
blakes seven has it for me because, unlike the avengers, it had glynnis barber in it.
I can always erly on a base unworthy remark from OG
and orac of course
I used to like Cally as the telepath

but they zeroed her and of course she didnt see it coming

Yes - Minder - The professionals - The Sweeney - The Saint

The persuaders would be nice as well
Not exactly 're-living my past' as the series i am re-watching was aired just a few years back - Utopia. There is an American version but the one i refer to is the excellently quirky (and quite bloodthirsty) British production in which, in order to curb the world's population, a virus is released which makes the majority of the human race infertile. The aim is to have an eventual population of just 500m - vastly more sustainable than the 7 Billion. Currently half way through the 2nd (and last) series. Excellent viewing for those who enjoy this particular genre.
// it had glynnis barber //
o god I am related to her !
No I am not - I am related to a Glynnis Barber who is not the real GB and so it is impossible to google her because the actress sites swamps boring old run of the mill ....
You know Moir' in The Red Shoes ?
my great aunt is in the corps de ballet in the background
Bazile, I knew I’d seen The Persuaders! In the TV listings somewhere, so I’ve just checked.
If you can get the Sony Channel, it’s on at 2am (or 3am on plus 1). Next episode to be shown on Sunday. You’ve missed the start, though. Sunday’s is series 1 episode 18.
How Many Blakes were there ?

Blake's 7 ?
I only know of the spaceman and the one who 'ated Butler.
everyone knew it should be "7 Blakes"
Thanks for that Bigbad
It's Honor Blackman for me, andy :)
Question Author
I never saw HB in The Avengers, but I had a massive crush on Diana Rigg, the Hellfire Club episode outfit would raise temperatures now, never mind back then!

And Glynis Barber is viewable in Dempsey And Makepeace, eyes and cheekbones included ... sigh.
Dempsey and Makepiece meh, she will always be Soolin to me.
Nyree Dawn Porter in The Protectors......
I may be wrong here but wasn't Patrick MacNee a devoted naturist? Sure I read it somewhere.

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