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The Chase.... They Walk Among Us .... Part N

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ToraToraTora | 11:31 Sat 02nd Dec 2023 | Film, Media & TV
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Q: What geometric solid has a circular base tapering to a point?

A: A Circle base pyramid!




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Handbrake turn up there ^. 😏

Question Author

I'm not giving any details naomi, I value my anonimity.

TTT, How would a 'yes' or 'no' compromise your anonymity?  That's daft!

I'd be the same if I was you Tora, wouldn't want folk pointing and laughing at me in the street as well as on here.


If you simply posted a rather silly answer and did not end the OP with PMSL! your posts might be viewed in a different light. Only saying, end of, etc, and it's anonymity.

Question Author

Yes or no just elicits the next question, how much? which show? etc

"I value my anonimity" not to the extent of spelling it correctly, it seems...

Or brings out the skeptic in a person.

ToraToraTora 'Several but whatever I say will just be ridiculed by the nasties above who seem to want to pick a fight all the time. I only posted what I thought was an amusing answer on a quiz show. No different to the family fortunes gems that don't seem to attract the same ire, I didn't expect the vitriol above. Is it just because it's me doing it? I know I have an inverted fan club on here.'

I may not find much of what I read here to be worthy of a serious high level intense cognitive workout, but I do find I enjoy the 'affectionate teasing'.. here I'm a TTT fan. ;O) 

@douglas9401 you say skeptic, I say sceptic, who is right?

"@douglas9401 you say skeptic, I say sceptic, who is right?"


Would you believe the answer anyway?

TTT, can I draw your attention to my suggested suitable candidate for your "Chamber of Morons" 😀  😀  😀  😀  😀

41 to 51 of 51rss feed

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The Chase.... They Walk Among Us .... Part N

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