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The Chase.... They Walk Among Us .... Part N

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ToraToraTora | 11:31 Sat 02nd Dec 2023 | Film, Media & TV
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Q: What geometric solid has a circular base tapering to a point?

A: A Circle base pyramid!




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Fully agree with mjwman - also been there, also produced a couple of howlers that I wouldn't have off-screen.

clare and mj, did you win?

elliemay @ 15:17 - do you really think he'd tell us if he'd been on or even applied?  He snarls constantly at the "stupidity" of those on the show, but he'd be useless on it in person.

He hasn't got the bottle.  Some rats in April.  Or something else that makes no sense.

It appears to me that someone has such a low self-esteem he has to boost it from time to time by belittling others whom he considers inferior.

 TTT ..  You must need a big wardrobe to hold all your pants which you PYSL🤣

Elliemay - no, but I didn't do too badly. The time I was competing as an individual, I think I was just a bit unlucky, a cruel 50/50 going against me and then being unable to reset, although the winner of that show is a decent player so I'm not too disappointed; the time I was competing as part of a team, I was the standout player and helped us make it to the QFs, although the last match was a nightmare and I've tried to erase it from memory.

Has he admitted defeat on this one?

Come on, TCL, he can't be here AND denigrate the whole of Italy at the same time.


I applied to go on Countdown and passed the test. I was given a date and asked who I would like to bring as a guest. Unfortunately, I couldn't make it on the date given, so I asked for a different date. They said they'd get back to me. That was 3 years ago. I'm still waiting, despite asking for a new date a few times. Hey ho.

You should, Chase them up...

My main reason for going on Countdown was to show Rachel how to do the Magic Square number puzzle. I think she may know it, being great at numbers, but you never know! I can do the 5x5, 7x7 and 9x9 magic square. All right, all right. I'm off! Start the car, will you?!

Question Author

I love these questions everyone gets so serious about what is intended as a TIC post about a silly answer on a quiz show. People also seem to assume I have not been on the show and indeed other quiz shows.

Have you?

Question Author


Which ones?

Question Author

Several but whatever I say will just be ridiculed by the nasties above who seem to want to pick a fight all the time. I only posted what I thought was an amusing answer on a quiz show. No different to the family fortunes gems that don't seem to attract the same ire, I didn't expect the vitriol above. Is it just because it's me doing it? I know I have an inverted fan club on here.

There's been no vitriol, just affectionate teasing.

There was nothing wrong with your OP, TTT. I had a chuckle at it. We see these things all the time. I don't see why it has turn out to be some gunge about something else. 

You're more than happy to claim to be a member of Mensa yet unwilling to give the details of the quizzes you appeared on?


With a brain such as yours, you must have won money or prizes galore, surely?

TTT, did you win?

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The Chase.... They Walk Among Us .... Part N

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