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The Chase.... They Walk Among Us .... Part N ... Today's Gem....part Deux

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ToraToraTora | 19:21 Mon 12th Feb 2024 | Film, Media & TV
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Unusual multiple choice this one....

In Geometry, the word 'torus' refers to what shape?

A: Pyramid, B:Ring, C:Sphere

Pyramid! 🤣



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Come on, TTT.  18.46 has to be best answer.  😂

Question Author

so you have never heard of a Pyramid and a Sphere then dave? What a sheltered life you must lead.

TTT - I have encountered all 3 of course, all are geometric shapes. I still don't see the point you are trying (and failing) to make.

Question Author

There is no such geometric shape as a "ring" the other 2 choices are already names for geometric shapes. Thus a torus MUST be a ring. The answer is all but given in the question.

barrel scraping  - find another hobby horse!

the contestant had milliseconds to answer btw!

The question would have been better asking which of these is not a geometric shape??

Question Author

so you get why it's obvious now so feeling a bit dim and thus lashing out, I get it. It's my superpower I can make people pretend to be thick.

There, I thought that Torus was a constellation.

Question Author

19:19 get on to the chase, I can only work with what I have.

Question Author

19:20 thats Taurus.


...and bully for you !

TTT 19. 20 The only thing you have to work with is.. Google.🤣

I thought Taurus was a sign of the zodiac! 

Question Author

Taurus is a sign of the zodiac a Torus is a geometric shape.

This is an octagonally sectioned torus which I constructed out of card in order to use as an element in a drawing a couple of years ago. It stands on a high shelf in my studio & this thread only just now reminded me of it;  😮

You are so wise that you know the answer to everything - why dont you go on "the Chase" or even Mastermind - Im sure you would win!

Question Author

I have been me old china but this is not about knowledge, gawd why are people so thick? It's about silly answers when the answer is obvious and usually in the question.

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The Chase.... They Walk Among Us .... Part N ... Today's Gem....part Deux

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