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maggiebee | 13:48 Tue 20th Feb 2024 | Film, Media & TV
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The first episode of ITV's new series 'Breathtaking' hit our screens, giving viewers an insight into the shocking reality of hospital life during the pandemic. Just been reading about this series.  Based on real notes kept by an NHS consultant during the Covid-19 pandemic, highlights the fear and frustration those on the frontline felt during the greatest public health crisis in living memory.

Has anyone watched this yet?  Interested to hear your thoughts.



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Hi Maggie, I thought I'd not bother watching this, but, I've just finished episode 1.  I feel obliged to see it through. 
id advise anyone who lost a family member or friends ( like mrs.jth) not to watch it, far too distressing I'd think .

I lost a family member and still watched it.  We're all different.

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Must admit I was a big unsure myself about watching it.  However, my podiatrist worked with the NHS on the wards during this time.  She said "enjoy" wasn't a word she would use, but it brought back what those on the front line were going through at that time. She thought it was very realistic, if upsetting, and could understand why some would not watch.

Brainiac.  I agree about  'This is going to Hurt'  an amazing drama.  I've also bought the book, but have yet to read it.

The book is great, so is Adam Kay if you see him live.

I watched this series to the end. 
I thought wow what a hard hitting disaster.

then I remembered it was all true .

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