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1% Club Fail - Possible Spoilers

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barry1010 | 23:07 Sat 24th Feb 2024 | Film, Media & TV
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Sailed through it last week, today dropped out early but still believe I was right and they were wrong.

How did you do? 



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Can anyone provide a link to an example of how this preceding 'h' sounds? I accept that various sources, including my Chambers dictionary, show that the leading 'h' is an alternative pronunciation but the only examples of how 'why' is pronounced sound just like 'y' to me. E.g.

I did get that question right, but fell down on some of the others.

The jigsaw one was hard if you sctually tried to fit the pieces visually but hope you all don't mind my explanation of how to find the answer - all completed jigsaws have the same number of holes as sticky out bits. The 3 pieces shown had 3 holes and 3 sticky out bits in total so the missing piece couldn't have 2 holes or sticky out bits, it had to be the piece with one of each to keep the numbers equal.

(28) family guy cool whip - YouTube

Prudie, that's exactly what my husband explained to me, he got it right!

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Margot, that's what I said and we are wrong 

What was the exact wording of that qn, barry?

I answered our for the 3 word question

Barry I've now watched it, I didn't realise the anthem was actually printed on the screen - I think I would have got it from that

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Mums, I say 'our' to rhyme with hour; 'r' to rhyme with car.

I know the Scouse accent says arr as in arr kid. 🙂


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1% Club Fail - Possible Spoilers

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