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smurfchops | 20:52 Sat 20th Apr 2024 | Film, Media & TV
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What is the point of Ant and Dec?  And South Koreans?  Is this BRITAINS Got Talent....?...



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Careful, you'll upset Naomi, she likes the hynamic duo 😀

You get through for burping. I certainly won't be watching again

Question Author

Past it's sell by date.  Definitely. And I won't start about Holden and Dixon ... So false.  

I dont watch it but what did the South Koreans do? I love anything to do with South Korea, can't have been bad.

Talent shows have been on a long downhill slide since a chap appeared on Opportunity Knocks beating himself over the head with a metal tray.



He was brilliant, Sandy.

My God, that takes me back Sandy.

That was just awful, I couldn't bear to watch it after a few seconds..

Not from Britain, but that act from the South Koreans certainly kept my attention. Thanks for posting scorpiojo.

Wasn't this the tin tray guy /



Welcome, barsel.

Wow, I've just watched the Korean clip - incredible choreography, marvellous syncopation, matched by brilliant execution. Certainly talented although not British.

That's him Canary.

Like I said, brilliant.

Thank you somuch Scorpio for posting that, I've watched it this morning, really impressive. I don't care if they're not British it was jaw dropping. I'm sure other nationalities have been on BGT before.

You are welcome.

Don't forget the muscle man performing to Wheels


That's as good as it gets

I like Ant n' Dec, erm... they're the hosts of the show and have a chat with the contestants.

The Young Ladies at the start were good, the Dog acts always bring a smile but the South Koreans were worth sitting through most of the other dross to see them.

Scripted to within an inch of it's life and utterly unwatchable for me.

Same goes for similar creations.

Question Author

Yes Koreans were good but why is it called BRITAIN'S  Got Talent?  Must admit Sydney Christmas was brilliant.  Won't forget her name in a hurry...

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