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Takeshi's castle

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jaydee101 | 23:25 Fri 28th Jan 2005 | Film, Media & TV
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What do they win?


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I don't know. I've never seen anyone beat the Emerald Guard at the end. Has anyone ever won?
i doubt it very much
believe it or not my son has actually seen 4 winners on takeshi`s castle but he says it doesnt show you what they win,you just see the closing shot of general li congratulating the winner.
I have seen them win but only a few times perhaps once in every 100 times i have seen the show! They don't win a prize, they are just "winners" of the show.
Maybe it's the opportunity of being humiliated on tv! LOL
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Thanks guys. The last time I saw a winner, Craig Charles mentioned they won back the teeth they lost in skip stones. Don't think its true somehow, but a nice thought.


Sunday 6th Feb Craig has just said the winner get a car as the prize

Sunday 6th Feb Tonights showing Craig said that the winner gets a car as the prize

Imagine if they ever did an english version of this?


can anyone say lawsuit?

LOL..I love that show, especialy Craig Charles's commentary, he cracks me up, I think its a crying shame he WAS NOT included in this years big brother as promised.

As mi old dad used to say..

I watched the american take on takeshi's recently, it was
They call it super endurance or something.

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Takeshi's castle

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