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Parking Outside Your House

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AB Editor | 12:45 Fri 01st May 2015 | Motoring
27 Answers

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  • No - 197 votes
  • 47%
  • Yes - 129 votes
  • 31%
  • It depends where you live - 96 votes
  • 23%

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So you go to visit your friend in the middle of the day when most people are at work; the street is virtually empty of cars. Their car is parked in front of their house but you can't park in front of someone else's house just in case they come back. What do you do?
How would it work with flats and maisonettes?
If you owned it who would pay for its upkeep?
Careful, BS!

Any local councillors or officials reading this may see the idea as an ideal way to sell off council assets. Apart from the capital raised it will be an excellent way of lumbering somebody else with the tiresome burden of road maintenance !!!
Would the utility companies have to get the householders' permission to dig up the road immediately in front of their houses?
Absolutely not.

I used to live in a road where there were a couple who would routinely place traffic cones outside their house as soon as their car left the kerbside. It really was comical to watch.

On more than one occasion other residents would move the cones so they could park, and the rows that would ensue were equally comical.

The couple steadfastly believed it was their "right" to park outside their house, and would brook no argument that it was anybody else's right to park there.

Incidentally - under what circumstances does "It depends where you live" have relevance?
I read a while ago that some councils were considering a yearly charge for motorists parking overnight on public highways .....could this threat re-appear post May 7th?
A lot of people already pay outside their house on the public highway under the residents' parking schemes.
The fact is that I pay my road tax which entitles my vehicle to be on a road (a highway maintained at public expense). Every other motorist who pays their road tax has the same entitlement. The road outside my house is just that - a road. Ii have no more "right" to park there than anyone else.
I could see fisticuffs breaking out all over the land if this became law

(I have moronic neighbours who honestly believe that the road outside their house, opposite their garden wall, is actually part of their drive)
It wouldn't be "owning the kerb outside your house" would be owning 5 to 6 metres of ROAD outside your house. Stupid question.
This was a while back but I dropped the kerb outside my drive for access, I spent a lot of money digging out & finely my drive was sorted, I do not have issues with people parking out side my home as said, it's the road, but what does annoy me is the ignorant pratts that park partway across knowing that access is needed.
why isn't this 100% no? There is no feasable way this could work. There are some numpties near me who put cones out!
No. It can't work.
I used to have a neighbour who parked his second car in my drive. He thought this was ok because I didn't own a car. I wheeled my bike very close to it and enjoyed watching his reaction as he peered out of his window.
it would have got very badly damaged in my drive jo.
we haven't had a single person who voted "Yes" justify their vote.
Our street is a dead end and runs off a Main Street. There are only 8 houses. If we all park correctly there is space for everyone. Apart from 1 house who have 2 cars we all reverse up the street which makes it easier and less dangerous when joining the main street. In doing so we do not take up as much space to park. I am forever telling the 1 house to do the same and learn to park when they moan about parking.
residents parking scheme does not give you the right to park outside your house exclusively, only the right to park in the area your permit is for. ive got one too.
The system fails if this is allowed. Once reaching one's destination one has to be able to stop and park. If all is owned then this can not occur. It is the main reason why allowing retrospectively created "drives" and dropping the kerb is wrong too. Doing so effectively gives the house owner rights over the public road. It's yet another example of modern society's insanity.

That stated, it is simple good manners to park your vehicle outside your own residence if possible and not stick it outside someone else's, unless unavoidable. Even if unavoidable, ring the changes day by day; spread the imposition around.
It is frustrating where we live, but we have to resign ourselves to the fact. Many problems are caused when people park and take up three spaces. Someone else parking on (not in) your drive, is altogether different, although I wouldn't do what Tora Tora Tora suggests or you will be charged with criminal damage.
i live on a corner and therefore the kerb outside my house would allow me about 3 parking spaces!

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Parking Outside Your House

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