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Daydreaming While Driving

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AB Editor | 11:37 Tue 29th Sep 2015 | Motoring
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  • I don’t generally “think” while driving, I mainly sing along to a CD or listen to the radio to occupy myself - 44 votes
  • 37%
  • Driving makes me anxious, or requires all my attention, so I have to focus on the act of driving - 39 votes
  • 33%
  • I often think of new and exciting ideas or solutions to problems while out driving - 36 votes
  • 30%

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I often used to get the 30 miles to work without actually recalling any of the route. Safely, I hasten to add....
With the volume of traffic, the clowns that's on the roads, all your attention should be focused on what your doing & that's driving, It only takes a minute to take a life.
I don't recall ever thinking about having a shower whilst driving.

All our best "work" of that nature is performed by allowing the subconscious to take over. Conscious only comes into play when the situation is "non-standard" and needs weighing up the correct next move. It's about "being in the zone". If one truly (as opposed to erroneously believing) one is consciously alert the whole journey then that must interfere and reduce the standard of one's driving.
Same as Mosaic. Drive on autopilot on journeys I do regular.
some of my best thoughts happen whilst driving, I still manage to drive safely. I am good at multi tasking.
I agree with TWR if you aren't concentrating 100% on driving then you shouldn't be driving. Even an empty straight road can spring surprises such as exhaust pipes, stray animals and potholes.
You can't stop yourself from thinking.
None of the above - I'm not an anxious driver but with the number of idiots on the road all my concentration is on the traffic about me.
I've often looked at the road ahead and thought 'Where the hell am I?' even locally.

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Daydreaming While Driving

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