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Drinking and Driving

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AB Editor | 10:55 Wed 29th Jun 2016 | Motoring
39 Answers

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  • I never drink at all if I am driving - 260 votes
  • 76%
  • I might have a small amount of alcohol - 82 votes
  • 24%

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Do you know how many units you can have and stay under the drink driving limit, or is it a case of just having one drink or guessing? If you drink in the evening do you worry about being under the limit for driving the morning after?
My father has said there used to be a time when drinking and driving was accepted thank goodness things have moved on.
If I'm driving I don't drink simples and if I am partying then I don't drive the morning after. I need my license for my job!!
I don't have any if I'm driving or going to be early the next day.
Soft southerners should beware of the lower limit if they're planning to visit the land of the startled haggis.
One pint, it seems, will have you off the road for a year up here.
We're now the same most of the rest of Europe when it comes to a limit.
I am large framed and have never exceeded the blood alcohol level after 3 pints of beer ABV 3.8%. That was using the older Draeger Alcotest 80 H.O. approved kit. I limit to two pints if driving. No wine or spirits and one has to be aware of alcohol still in system from last nights nightcap or celebration!!
A drop never passes my lips when I'm driving !

My Licence is far too valuable to me to risk it by DD, it's been bad enough getting around these last few weeks while I've been Plastered (of Paris'd), I mean, good grief, I've even ended up on a bus a couple of times.
A bus !! My God, no !

JB, it's true I tell you, and I always get the nutter especially since I've had the casts (they go next week).
I feel lucky that I have never drunk alcohol but agree with Baldric that my licence is too important and the thought of getting on a bus fills me with dread. Not been on one foe about fifteen/twenty years. Just remember them as overcrowded, uncomortable, wet and smelly cattle trucks. Got my free bus pass seven years ago in case of emergencies but never had to use it thank goodness.
It isn't quite so simple. Much depends on the duration of time over which the alcohol is consumed, whether it is with food or not and how used to alcohol a person is. The quantity of alcohol in the blood is not a clear indication of how "drunk" a person is, but it is an easily carried out procedure. Some form of physical test would be better, once upon a time suspected drivers were asked to walk in a straight line.
To person who rarely drinks, one drink can make them dizzy, but it would have little or no real effect on a regular drinker.
I recently had 2 litres of 5% strength beer and a shot of ouzo, but over a 2 1/2 hour period with a lot of Greek food. On the way home I was stopped by the police in a random check, breathalysed and was clear.
Blimey BAKERS, buses aren't that bad - honest.

I thought I read that as 'cats' first Baldric, I was just going to ask what cats?!
The buses round here seem to be the place to go to smoke weed.
No alcohol at all for me if I'm driving - not even at Christmas time or at weddings or parties. It doesn't bother me in the least.

I make up for it at home though. ;o)
Last one I was on was when my car was in for service and I was going to pick it up. It was pouring with rain, I had a window seat and the window leaked. Probably more people than usual on the bus because of the bad weather. Crammed in like sardines. Getting off meant squashing past wet people with umbrellas that dripped down my legs and one side of my coat and sleeve were already soaked. Never again I hope. Put me off for life.
I do use buses sometimes if I can't be bothered driving and I have NEVER had an horrific experience on one - I must be lucky !
I don't use public transport - except for planes.
Now I hate planes - terrified of flying !
The guided buses around Cambridge are a revelation. Comfortable, quiet with free on board WiFi and very fast running in their own dedicated bus lines.Cheaper than the ordinary 'road busses' as well . Far better than driving in the crowded streets and the desperate search for a very expensive parking place. Plus no worries about having a drink.
Parking in Cambridge is so expensive cars park without paying and risk a parking ticket, the parking fine is less than the cost of a days parking!
I passed my only breathalyser having had 5 pints over about 6 hours, that was about 1980 so I know how much I can drink but generally I don't drink anything if i'm driving.

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Drinking and Driving

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