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Drinking and Driving

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AB Editor | 10:55 Wed 29th Jun 2016 | Motoring
39 Answers

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  • I never drink at all if I am driving - 260 votes
  • 76%
  • I might have a small amount of alcohol - 82 votes
  • 24%

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Ed, why isn't there an option for drinking a skinful before sliding behind the wheel?
TTT 1980s was the old green crystals in a tube breathalyser . The modern digital ones are much more reliable and accurate. You would be at least 50% over the limit if you did the same today and got tested!
Mind you back in the 1980s I used to drive so p****d I had to drive with one eye shut as with both eyes open I could see two roads and had to choose which one to drive down!

Take that man's name, sergeant! :-)
Even if someone is under the limit, there is a charge of driving whilst impaired by alcohol.
Of course Eddie and Peter are perfectly correct.

Having no MoT does not and cannot invalidate Third Party insurance required by law. The only reason an otherwise valid and paid for motor insurance policy can be invalidated against third party risks is if the driver is disqualified from driving. If you think this through it is quite obvious. As Eddie rightly says, having no MoT is not an endorseable offence and it carries only a fine. If having no MoT invalidated insurance then every driver found not to have one would also be charged with the far more serious offence of having no insurance (which carries a minimum of six points). And quite simply, they are not.
Wrong thread,NJ?

Which, of course, has nothing whatsoever to do with this question :-)
I don't think NJ should risk driving for a few hours
Especially with no MoT :-)
Never have....Never will........ I'm not risking my family's lives EVER

I not only value my driving licence and wouldn't be able to carry out my job without a car, but I value other people's lives too and even the smallest amount could make the difference between re-acting and being aware... and tragedy.

I only ever drink a juice or soft drink at my gigs as it makes me better to do my job.
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Never ever drink and drive, in my opinion, there's no grey area here, if you must drink with your meal, get a taxi or don't volunteer to be the designated driver. One friend of mine is so like me in this way of thinking, she won't drink on a night out if she has to drive next day.
"TTT 1980s was the old green crystals in a tube breathalyser . The modern digital ones are much more reliable and accurate. You would be at least 50% over the limit if you did the same today and got tested! " - er no, that's the problem, you can drink a lot more than you think and pass the test. 5 pints in 6 hours = 2 pints = easy pass. That's why I now think the DD limit should be set to a trace amount.
Once a month my wife and I eat out with another couple. We have one bottle of wine between us during the three course meal. We then spend at least 45 minutes enjoying coffee in the bar. I see no harm in that.

In the 70s and 80s I was reckless with the drink driving, thankfully never had an accident, nor caused one - but that was the norm amongst my friends and colleagues.
I would not like to test that out TTT, the rate at which your body disposes of alcohol depends on the individual person, and on many other things including how much you had to eat and when, and how active you had been since drinking. But most of all on the strength of the beer you drank. My local has a range of beer from 3.4 to 6.8% alcohol. less than one pint of the strong ale would put you over the limit for 2 or 3 hours.
In fact, the only time I encountered a police officer when I had been drink driving (it was Christmas Eve) I was parked up late at night with my then girlfriend.
A police car pulled up behind us and a policeman staggered out of the passenger side, wobbled his way to my car and asked my girlfriend if she was alright. Have you got a dead body in the boot, he said to me. The driver of the police car tried to get out but didn't seem able to. We all had a laugh and they drove off.
I can only assume they'd eaten too many brandy mince pies. :D
zero tolerance..drinky poo = no driving !!

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Drinking and Driving

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