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grandpajoe | 19:41 Wed 11th Oct 2023 | Motoring
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Living in North Lancashire, as I do, Being on the wrong side of 75, as I am, Ihave no desire to drive anywhere in "That London"

However it did cross my mind that if I did would my car be exempt as it emits ZERO emissions??? I bought it a few years ago new. It is a 1600 Vauxhall Turbo Diesel  and is exempt road tax because of it's zero emissions. Didn't know this when I got it b t w.. I am told it will remain Tax Free for as long as it ""lives". Of course it has to remain emissions free to pass the M O T.  So will the "Mayor" ever be able to snare me or my fellow,owners of this  model for this ghastly "theft"  Chris



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I do live on the south coast but I don't have a bucket I have two currents.

^and no idea how to communicate properly.

Don't get your Alans in a Brahms love!

blimey, how often does the gentleman on the south coast visit to rack up thousands PY in ulez charges?

Look up the oriinal ULEZ thread. You will find out for yourself. It is there somewhere.

It wasn't  TTT. I recall that.

A discussion on one of he radio channels the other day mentioned that within five years it is thought that all major cities in the UK will follow King Khans ideas.  Of course it is obvious to many that his reign will be over at his next election and the conservative candidate has stated publicly that the first day in office will see the suspension of the latest ULEZ charge.

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