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Theory Test ....Record?

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ToraToraTora | 12:25 Tue 05th Dec 2023 | Motoring
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I never actually did the theory test so I don't know much about the difficulty but I reckon I'd not take this many goes!



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My 17-year-old granddaughter passed her theory first time and has now started on her lessons.

I'm not sure what the theory test involves but I seem to remember after taking my driving test, the examiner asked me a few questions, but that was all.


I had to take it twice - along time ago, but few passed it first time back then, and now my grandson passed his last week on the 4th attempt. I think it is getting harder, so the stats seem to show. I don't think we were more proficient back then.

But 59 !!!


As it's made up of multiple choice questions, there must come a time when the chances are of random selection matching a pass requrement.  Car Test Bingo !


P.S. I am only joking.

Question Author

When I did my test in 1982 they just asked you a few random things from the HC, some signs and that was about it!

I think modern cars are easier to drive though. When I think back that to demonstrate the you were about to turn left, you had to wind down the window by hand - in all weathers - and rotate your arm in a anti-clockwise circle.

"Try tellin' the young people of today that - they'll never believe ya ! "

Not saying my age, but in my first Highway Code there were rules on using a whip to give signals when driving in a horse drawn carriage. True, not joking!

Tenacity brings success.

In the present Highway Code they've changed the rules, seeming to cause accidents and give drivers all the responsibility for everything, such that it is no longer worthy of being a guide nor a handbook.

wiltsman; after you passed, did you tip the man who had been walking in front with the red flag ? 😃

'wiltsman; after you passed, did you tip the man who had been walking in front with the red flag ? '😃

I got up to 10mph and unfortunately ran him over! 😟

I used to think that if you couldn't pass your test after probably 5 attempts, you should give up.

The problem with driving these days is all the rules they keep bringing in.

The latest ones I read were not to drive if you were wearing boots or high heels and glittery clothes that might attract looks from other drivers.

It didn't mention anything about driving while dressed as Santa Claus, so I guess that must be ok.


Question Author

I can remember my HC still had a section on the signals you could give to a policeman in one of those police controlled junctions to indicate your intentions.....

Signals you could give to a policeman. Was that the victory sign reversed?

Question Author

no, are you really that dim?

Do you really not have a sense of humour?

Question Author

try signalling a pun sweet heart :)  -- like that! Anyway I thought you'd promised to ignore me.

My son's driving instructor (ess)did not know what the HC was. I had to show him how to do a 3 point turn, emergecy stop and reversng around a corner keeping close and parallel to the kerb. Manoevres unknown and dismissed by his so called instructor.!

I lent my son a copy of my Roadcraft which was a great help. His instructor (ess) stated that all that was necessary was to bone up on the random list of questions to pass the theory test.

I said I would ignore you if you say nasty things about people, but as I've said to you before, you're so hard to resist.😂🤣🤣


Question Author're only human!

Human but dim.😪


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Theory Test ....Record?

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