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Toyota Yaris

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NISAR1 | 10:25 Tue 23rd Apr 2024 | Motoring
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Hi folks,


I have a 2011 toyota yaris 1.3 petrol. I have an issue with the reverse gear where it does not sometimes get into reverse gear. It is a six speed manual and to get into reverse you have to lift the gear stick and move to left then up.


Your help would be much appreciated thanks.



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The chances are that it's wear in the linkages between the gear lever and the gearbox; I had that problem with my first car when it was touch and go whether you got third. If you're lucky it could be correctable with adjustments.

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Thanks for your answers.

I've had this occasionally with one or two cars - the remedy was always to put it back into neutral, release the clutch momentarily, then try again.  No idea of the mechanics, but it usually worked.

If you are anything like my partner it'll be because you don't move it far enough to the left after lifting the bit of the top of the gearstick up. And you end up going into 1st time after time.

Canary has an interesting point. I don't know about modern gearboxes (I've been automatic for about 40 years) but they didn't used to have a synchromesh on reverse. That means the cogs can sometimes be in just the wrong place to allow them to mesh. Letting out the clutch allows the cogs to rotate, they hopefully stop in a different place when you declutch again and thus allow the reverse gear to engage.

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