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Concert Ticket Prices

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newmodarmy | 11:37 Fri 26th Jan 2024 | Music
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I've seen most of my favorite bands live, but never seen the Eagles. I was just looking at their UK tour and looked at ticket prices. There's some right at the back at around £90 but anything with a better view start at £120.

Bit pricey for 2 of us- we can afford it but it just seems a lot.

Is that the going rate for concerts now? 




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Thanks all. I'm happy to close this thread now if that's possible? I've paid and now the price doesn't seem too bad when I look at costs of a football match, or a theatre ticket or a good meal& drinks out- and my wife just spent more on a pair of nice, but nothing special, pyjamas. 

I think you're right, football and restaurants are much more expensive these days and concert prices aren't badly out of line with them. These days, if I want it and I can afford it I just do it; it's never going to get cheaper but I'm definitely getting older, so why miss out if I don't have to.

My best mate who lives in Brum, sees live bands at least 3 times a week, most of the time its free!

K-pop, still none of the wiser! each to their own.

I used to see live bands sometimes weeky between ´77- ´82 and im sure the tickets werent that dear!


I suppose it depends, Piggy, were they in arenas or in pubs?

I saw the Stones in the Town Hall - neither an arena or a pub, about halfway between - for about a tenner, back when Brian Jones was playing and they were a blues band. They didn't have the huge screens, but we were only about 30ft from Bill Wyman. (He just stood there, the others moved round.)

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Concert Ticket Prices

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