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no 1 top of the pops

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kads | 21:25 Thu 02nd Feb 2006 | Music
12 Answers

  1. who couldn't give you anything but love???

  2. who wanted to come outside?

  3. Who has tears on my pillow?

  4. Who makes a world of our own

  5. who is singing the blues

these have all been number one in the charts but who sang them

thanks for your help!! :)




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1. ??

2. George Michael (come outside)

3. Kylie Minogue (tears on my pillow)

4. Westlife ( world of our own)

5. Robbie Williams (album sing when your winning)

Maybe.. dunno if these are right or not but what sprang to my mind when i saw them


2 Mike Sarne

3 Johnny Nash

2. Mike Sarne
3. Johnny Nash and Kylie Minogue both reached number 1
4.The Seekers reached number 3 with this
5. Guy Mitchell and Tommy Steel both reached number one

1 Stylistics
2 was Mike Sarne with Wendy Richard (now Pauline in Eastenders)
I have a feeling these are songs from years before the people mentioned above
Question Author

many thanks for this

Music is not my strong point, cheers!! :)

2. Get stuffed !!!
(Sorry, just to explain, "Get stuffed" [or it may have been "Get lost"] was Wendy Richard's dulcet-toned retort to Mike Sarne's request to "Come Outside".)
i thought that line came from billy ocean's go and get stuffed, or was that when the going gets tough?
number 5 original is MARTY ROBINS

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no 1 top of the pops

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