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The song really does remain the same

By Andy Hughes HEAVY rock legends Led Zeppelin were right when they advised the listening world that 'the song remains the same.' It does, just the singers change from time to time. Crazy usesA01:00 Mon 22nd Jan 2001

My real name is actually ...

By Andy Hughes FANCY being a pop star A makeover is essential. Lose that hairstyle, change your clothes, find some hip friends, oh, and don't forget to change your name. Some drop the family01:00 Mon 22nd Jan 2001

Trouble at the Grammys

By Andy Hughes NOMINATIONS for this year's Grammys went into meltdown when bad boy rap artist Eminem was nominated for Best Album for his Marshall Mathers record. The phone lines and e-mail systems01:00 Thu 11th Jan 2001

Festival fiasco

By Andy Hughes FANS of the annual Glastonbury Music Festival were devastated to hear of this year's cancellation, by Festival founder Michael Eavis. The reasons for this year's cancellation01:00 Mon 15th Jan 2001

Get into the Grove

By Andy Hughes MUSIC enthusiasts across the globe are desperate to get their hands on the latest edition of the New Grove Dictionary Of Music and Musicians, Second Edition. They have been waiting01:00 Sat 15th Jan 2000

Can you Imagine a better Number One

The people have spoken (well, if you count Channel Four viewers and Observer readers), and Imagine by John Lennon has been voted the greatest No 1 single of all time. The single, which didn't01:00 Sat 06th Jan 2001

What links David Bowie to John Denver

MUSIC can make the strangest bedfellows. So what have David Bowie, John Denver and Queen got in common Here's a clue. They share the link with New Order and Chumbawumba. Got it Well, they've all01:00 Fri 05th Jan 2001

What's in a name

By Penny Broadbent Ever wondered how some bands and artists got their name What possessed Vincent Furnier to become Alice Cooper, for example Easy. Young hopeful musician Vince was fooling around01:00 Fri 05th Jan 2001

Surf for supranos

By Andy Hughes THE WORLD'S first Internet opera has just been composed and played out by German musical adventurer Eberhard Schoener. Schoener is in the final stages of composing and performing01:00 Tue 11th Jan 2000

Trying to ape the Monkees

By Andy Hughes TO SUCCEED in the fickle world of pop music you increasling need to be a pop actor, as well as a pop act. SClub7 were launched on the back of an all-singing, all dancing TV series01:00 Tue 11th Jan 2000

Napster - the end of music as we know it

"The genie's out of the bottle, now artists need to let the revolution happen." Says Alan Kovac, President of Left Bank Management, which represents The Bee Gees and Motley Crue among others. The01:00 Tue 02nd Jan 2001

Christmas crackers!

Just what is it about Christmas that turns normally sane selective record buyers into whimsical culture-bypassed suckers for whichever puppet of the day has lined up some dreadful ditty for them to01:00 Fri 22nd Dec 2000

Russia's new anthem - words can't describe it

By Andy Hughes THE STATE of flux concerning the Russian National Anthem has raised interesting questions about the concept of national anthems in general, and the future of the anthem of Russia in01:00 Fri 22nd Dec 2000

Trunk rockers

By Andy Hughes WHEN you consider the size of an elephant’s ears, compared to the size of its eyes, it seems common sense to understand that hearing far outstrips vision in the order of sensory01:00 Fri 22nd Dec 2000

Melody Maker hits a sour note

By Andy Hughes AFTER a distinguished career lasting some 74 years, the venerable music weekly Melody Maker is to cease publication. It has been merged with its younger, and some would say 'hipper'01:00 Thu 21st Dec 2000


fajsfkaj fa afjakf afk afkajfakf01:00 Wed 13th Dec 2000

Madonna - not such a material girl

It's no secret that Madonna Louise Ciccone will marry Guy Stuart Ritchie on Friday, December 22 at a lavish cermeony in Skibo Castle in the Highlands. Madonna will sing, their baby will be in01:00 Mon 11th Dec 2000

Are we living out all our Yesterdays

They don't make them like they used to. There have been 2,500 cover versions of The Beatles timeless classic Yesterday since it was written in 1965.Rolling Stone magazine named it the the top pop01:00 Thu 07th Dec 2000

We can't stop the pirates - says man who gave them the guns

The man who invented the MP3 says the music industry can't stop Internet users downloading the latest releases without paying. Karlheinz Brandenburg, whose creation of the MP3 audio format allowed01:00 Thu 07th Dec 2000

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