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Get Your Groove Online

Whether it is listening to your DAB radio in the kitchen whilst making dinner or having your iPad on when travelling on the bus music touches almost everyone. And now there are so many sources to choose from, even your own phone can be your personal music station only restricted by the size of your memory card. The ...10:45 Wed 07th Dec 2011

Crazy Heart WidgetsCrazy Heart is one of the best films of the genre. With such stars as Jeff Bridges (Otis "Bad" Blake), Maggie Gyllenhaal (Jean Craddock), Colin Farrell (Tommy Sweet) and Robert Duvall (Wayne) and music written by T-bone Burnett the film is packed with talent.Jeff Bridges has received much critical...12:37 Wed 30th Jun 2010

Glee Widgets Glee is one of the most delightful TV series of recent years. The show is about the ups and downs of a high school glee club, or show choir. The music is superb with hits from top acts like The Beatles, Lady GaGa, Journey and a whole episode devoted to Madonna.The show has been a big hit both in ...12:07 Wed 30th Jun 2010


Apple is a world leader in the consumer electronics industry. The company's best-known hardware products include Macintosh computers, the iPod, the iPhone and the iPad. These are supported by Apple software such as Mac OS X operating system; the iTunes media browser; the iLife suite of multimedia and creativity softwar...15:39 Wed 26th May 2010

Apple iTunes

Apple iTunes is one of the world’s leading digital media player applications. The Apple brand is known for quality and innovation. Apple iTunes allows you to play music and videos on your iPod and also when connected to the iTunes store will allow you to purchase and download music, music videos, television shows...16:37 Mon 24th May 2010

Last FM

Last FM is an online social music site. It allows users to connect with other listeners with similar music tastes, to custom-build their own radio stations and to watch music video-clips. The station is a global music service available in 12 languages. It claims over 40 million active users based in more than 200 count...16:37 Mon 24th May 2010

LSO St Luke’s

St Luke's is an 18th-century Grade 1 listed Hawksmoor church, restored to become the home of the London Symphony Orchestra (LSO) community and music education programme LSO Discovery. LSO is London's oldest orchestra and has a long and fascinating history. As well as rehearsals St Luke’s plays host to a diverse s...16:37 Mon 24th May 2010

Somerset House

Somerset House is a spectacular neo-classical building in the heart of London, sitting between the Strand and the River Thames. Somerset House hosts open-air concerts and films, contemporary art and design exhibitions, family workshops and free guided tours of spaces usually hidden to visitors. With such a varied hist...16:37 Mon 24th May 2010


The Roundhouse is a Grade II listed former railway engine shed in Chalk Farm, London, England, which has been converted into a performing arts and concert venue. It has been associated with Centre 42 which was set up to help provide arts for all. The theatre is well known for its cutting edge performances and productio...16:37 Mon 24th May 2010

Royal Opera House

The Royal Opera House is a magnificent building in the heart of London’s Convent Garden. Closely linked to the famous composer Handel the theatre has a fascinating history. It is possible to go on backstage tours and see how the Opera House runs on a day to day basis. The stage has played host to some of the worl...16:37 Mon 24th May 2010

Royal Albert Hall

The Royal Albert Hall is one of the UK's most treasured and distinctive buildings, recognisable the world over. The Hall is best known for holding the annual summer Proms concerts since 1941. The Hall has been used for over 150,000 events, including classical and rock concerts, conferences, ballroom dancing, poetry rec...16:37 Mon 24th May 2010

Madame Tussauds

Madame Tussauds is a must for any visitor to London, combining its diverse history with the relentless glamour, intrigue and infamy of 21st century celebrity. Madame Tussauds continues regularly to add figures that reflect contemporary public opinion and celebrity popularity. Millions and millions of people have flock...16:37 Mon 24th May 2010

Royal Festival Hall

Royal Festival Hall is one of the world’s leading performance venues. The foyers of the Royal Festival Hall are opened to the public all day, seven days a week, with free exhibitions, lunchtime concerts, evening jazz performances, shops, bars and buffets. The Hall is part of the Southbank Centre. The Hall is fam...16:37 Mon 24th May 2010

Home Insurance Firms Warn On Uncovered Gadgets

Most of us, or our children, have at least one or two gadgets in our possession. Things we seem to not be able to live without even though ten years ago they weren’t invented. Things like iPods, PDA’s, MP3 players and increasingly complicated mobile phones. In addition, these things do not come cheap and qu...16:36 Mon 24th May 2010

‘Quirky Cruises' Becoming More Popular

This year could see a rise in the number of Brits taking out travel insurance for quirky cruises, if the comments of one group of sea-lovers are anything to go by. Cruise Critic claimed the variety of ship-based holidays available these days may surprise some people. The organisation notes that it is not just nudist c...16:36 Mon 24th May 2010

What can music fans get up to in New York

New York is renowned as a musical hotspot. Many top artists from the last few decades have made their way from the Big Apple, such as RUN DMC, Grandmaster Flash and the Furious Five and Cindy Lauper. There is so much to do in New York that even those who go with a specific activity in mind are spoilt for choice, ...16:36 Mon 24th May 2010

Listing the Lists

Dylan: acclaimedWhy are lists so interesting I can think of five good reasons... but seriously, there are an awful lot of lists out there, perhaps in pop music more than anywhere else. Nick Hornby01:00 Wed 05th Feb 2003

Cor Baby That's A Really Good Idea

Update (Monday 7 October 2002): Congratulations to John and the many people who helped him reach No 9 in the charts released yesterday - He's a two-hit wonder! ************************************01:00 Wed 28th Aug 2002

On the death of Alan Lomax

Alan Lomax (1915-2002)Sadly, the great music archivist and celebrated ethnomusicologist passed away on July 19, 2002 at the age of 87. Like so many of the musicians he first recorded and brought to01:00 Mon 22nd Jul 2002

What is Maltese Ghana

First things first - it isn't a part of West Africa colonised by the small Mediterranean island. Ghana (pronounced 'aana', the gh- being silent, meaning song) is actually the local folk music of the01:00 Mon 17th Jun 2002

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